TT – Tuesday Talk-Points (Weekly message from Pastor Paul)

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Welcome to another edition of “TT – Tuesday Talk-Points”

  • It feels good to be “fully staffed” in the office once again.  Deb Eatros is a wonderful addition to our office ministry staff as Financial Treasurer.  She LOVES to work with numbers and QuickBooks!
  • Believe it or not, we are already starting to think about worship on Resurrection Sunday, and because of the current capacity limits, we will be asking for people to register for worship.  We will have worship services at the usual 9am and 10:30am times.  Attendance is limited to around 90 inside the facility.  Each service will be broadcast on FM 88.1 outside and around the church facility, so you can “attend” while remaining in your vehicle.
  • With daylight hours getting longer each day, please consider attending Wednesday evening Lenten worship each Wednesday at 6:45pm.  The focus our journey is on the many differing aspects and angles of God’s love.
  • We have a couple of baptisms to look forward to – Baby Bennett Stettler (born to Nicole Marquart) on March 14, and Crew Perpich (born to Megan (Zillmer) and Matt Perpich) on a date yet to be determined.
  • The focus Scripture this coming Sunday is John 2:13-22.  Here are some questions for personal reflection or to discuss with others:
    • What room or area of yours is cleanest?  Dirtiest?
    • The sellers and money-changers were set up to provide sacrificial animals for sale at the temple as a help to Jews from far away.  How might this once-useful practice have deteriorated into a racket?  Why else was Jesus angry?
    • As one of the sellers, how would feel about Jesus actions?  As one of the disciples, how would you feel?
    • Why doesn’t Jesus entrust himself to the crowd?
    • What room(s) in your life might Jesus be interested in cleaning out?

Hope you can get our and enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather today!  Blessings!

Pastor Paul

Immanuel Lutheran Church
Crosby, Minnesota

TGIF-Thank God It’s Friday! And Thank God I’m Forgiven! (Weekly message from Pastor Paul)

TGIF February 26

Thank God it’s almost Friday!  And Thank God I’m Forgiven!

Here are some things to be thankful for:

  • Warmer weather – seeing pavement once again!
  • Longer daylight – the sun is on its journey north!
  • Another good turnout for Wednesday night youth group and Lenten worship.
  • The gradual coming out of the pandemic – hope is on the horizon – we (church ministers) are getting close to leading worship services at the Care Center once again.
  • The gift of patience – as we have waited a long time for church operations (and a lot of things) to return to “normal.”

“Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”  (Ephesians 5:20)

Pastor Paul
Immanuel Lutheran Church
Crosby, Minnesota



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