June 2023

Sally Turk, Member Ministry Coordinator

Sally Oren, Member Ministry Coordinator

In Member Ministry…

Greetings ILC Family! With summer fast approaching and school coming to an end, what are your family plans? Aroad trip? Maybe you’re planning a camping trip? Or you have a class reunion to attend. Whatever it may be, it’s always good to be prepared. Whether you’re planning a week long vacation or have a few week- ends booked out, here are some tips to help make it the most memorable experience!

Establish your plan. This one seems like a no-brainer but looking ahead and involving everyone in the plan will help you to have a better idea of what to expect. Building a list together and making sure everyone’s top priority is on that list. This ensures that everyone included has something to look forward to.

Vacationing within your budget. Planning a vacation you can afford will keep stress-levels at bay. If you can’t afford it, change it to a later date. When looking at planning, keep the kids involved so they can learn to be fiscally responsible and save for the things they want.

Keeping the children’s regular schedule and routines. This one can be a tough one. Longer days

means staying up later. Young children’s bodies just aren’t as adaptable and things such as going to bed, get- ting up and eating in the morning should all be done routinely. Obviously, adjustments might need to be

made , but more adjustments could lead to more mood swings and irritability. For less stress, try to keep any changes to a minimal.

Be flexible. No matter what the plans are, be willing to adjust at a moment’s notice. Remember, we are NOT in control, He is! You gotta roll with the punches.

Don’t try to do it all at once. Slow down. The more you and your family try to “fit it all in,” the greater chanceof frustration and irritability. Don’t push to do everything on the list. It’s there as a guide. Remember, it’s a vacation! Rest & Relax!

Boredom is a choice. When traveling, especially by car, having the right tools such as games, toys, books and videos can help occupy your little ones and their time.

Don’t attempt to do everything as a family. It’s ok to split up. You don’t have to do everything together as everyone has different interests. Allow time for each individual to explore what they desire. This can allow for one-on-one time, too. It also allows for those to enjoy what they want to do without having those that don’t enjoy it, grumbling and mumbling, making it less enjoyable. Come together at the end of the evening, maybe by a campfire, and share your different experiences that day.

Follow a high-energy day with a low-energy day. Give yourself and your children time to recoup and reenergize. Alternate a day of rest and low activity with the fast-paced and high energy days. Your entire fami- ly will be more productive and have the full strength they need to take on those longer days.

Eat healthy whenever possible. This can seem like an impossible task when on vacation. Fast-food and gasstations become the “norm.” If and when possible, pass on those soft drinks that are loaded with caffeine and sugar. Hydrate with water! Make a list, pack a cooler, grab that apple or banana. Your body is your tem- ple. Treat it as such.

Once your vacation is complete, come together again as a family and discuss all that you did or didn’t like. Look at pictures and reflect on each person’s memory about those moments captured in time. Debrief and evaluate whatworked and what needs adjusting to be better prepared for next time, and remember to enjoy yourself. Have a great summer!

Lovingly & Faithfully,

Sally Turk – Member Ministry Coordinator