Youth CREW Ministry

Youth ministry is ages from 7th grade to 12th. We meet on Wednesday evenings. First and third Wed are confirmation classes. Second and fourth Wed are CREW (Christ Reigns Everyone Wins).

The months that have 5 Wed, we meet at the Cuyuna Range Youth Center, uptown Crosby, with our families. On those occasions we will have a small meal provided and enjoy the facilities basketball/volleyball court, pool table , Leggo wall, etc.

The youth were blessed with new Bibles of their own this year and are getting pretty proficient in looking up Scripture! Which is a main goal of ministry, God’s Word!

Tammy Freeburg | Youth Ministry Coordinator

January 2021

Greetings Kingdom Families!!! 

I pray that you are all having a peaceful holiday season. 

By now all of our families should have started their “science project” of water consciousness. We are ob-serving how words, spoken and written, affect things physically. By taking 3 jars with rice, water and “hate” written & spoke to etc., “love” prayed over & loved on and the last one totally ignored. 

By the time the new year comes around we should be able to see obvious signs of what happens when we are intentionally or unintentionally affecting things around us. 

Visit: Masaru Emoto online to understand the bigger picture of this experiment! 

Based on the information I have learned from this scientist, I loved to see the snowfall!! It shows me that the lovely snowflake even has gratitude and sings the praises of our Heavenly Father!! 

So, in this time of separation we are learning together. 

We very much look forward to getting together, when we are given the “go ahead!” Praying that it won’t be long . 

Take care and God Bless. 

Faithfully, Tammy Freeburg, Youth Ministry Coordinator 


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