January 2022

. . . . in Youth CREW

Tammy Freeburg, Youth Ministry Coordinator

Greetings Kingdom Families!! 

Another month is upon us and this one tops them all! Give me more Christ, it’s Christmas time!! Jesus is the true reason for the season. A season so merry and bright, full of wonder and hope to share with everyone!!! Je-sus is our Lord and King! We have victory in him, what more could we ask for?! Right? 

In this world this needs to be lived out daily. 

Do you happily greet your “Jesus freak” friends anytime anywhere? Do you set this example for your children? Or would you rather not notice that person that bubbles over in the spirit when you are at the gas station? 

I challenge you to be the example for your children. This world is only going to change if we do. And you might just surprise yourself that like being that person. 

God bless, Tammy Freeburg, Youth Ministry Coordinator 


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