Pastor’s Perspective:

June 2024

Pastor Paul Mattson

What follows is a devotional that a friend recently sent me. 

It is written by Billy Graham in “Hope for Each Day” 

“Loud and Clear” 

The mystery . . . now has been revealed to His saints. 

Colossians 1:26 

Radio was just coming of age when I was a boy. We would gather around a crude homemade set and twist the tuning dials. Often the only sound was the squeak and squawk of static. It wasn’t very exciting, but we kept at it. We knew that somewhere out there was the unseen transmitter and that if we established contact, we could hear a voice loud and clear. 

Does God speak to us today? Is He trying to reach us? Yes! The problem is not with Him, but often with us. Like that crude radio, we aren’t always attuned to Him. 

We can only know God in one way: if He reveals Himself to us. And that is what He has done. In the person of Jesus, He reveals Himself in a way we can understand. He also reveals Himself in His written Word, the Bible. 

Centuries ago, He spoke through the prophets and the apostles, 

and by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, they wrote down His Word for us. Good news! God is trying to break through and communicate with us! So, the question is, are we tuning in to His Word? Are we listening? 

The summer months provide us ample opportunities to “tune in” to God’s Word – through weekly worship and daily Bible and devotional reading. If you need suggestions in how best to begin reading the Bible, please contact me- [email protected]. 

Listening with you to God’s Word – Pastor Paul 

Immanuel’s Vision Statement 

A vibrant and diverse community of faith where lives are changed;
Where people of all ages are invited and challenged
To become disciples of Jesus in their daily lives;
Where real people experience healing, help, hope and harmony


Please contact the church office if you, or someone you know from Immanuel, with their permission, is in the hospital. Due to confidentiality laws, the hospital does NOT contact the church (or pastor) when they are admitted, even if they designate a specific church/pastor on the intake form. At Immanuel, we hope and strive to provide timely and appropriate pastoral care to those who would desire and appreciate it. Too often, we are last to know about a member being (or having been) in the hospital. Thank you!