Pastor’s Perspective:

October 2021 

Pastor Paul Mattson

“The Next Step” 

Years ago, this congregation was invited to consider the possibility of a projector and screen in the front of the sanctuary to assist with the enhancement of worship. At the time, it was a new concept, and a spendy one. 

The congregation decided to move forward with it, and now it has become so “normal” that we can’t imagine worship without it. 

During the pandemic, our church leadership has read the book “The Post-Pandemic Church” by Thom Rainer. One of the key take-aways from the book is the importance of taking “the next step” in ministry assisted by technology. And overall, at Immanuel, we are doing very well with our “tech ministry.” We have a current website, podcasts of Sunday messages, a YouTube channel to broadcast a delayed video of worship, and a live FM broadcast of worship for those nearby, in addition to a Facebook page and monthly “e-news.” 

The time has come for us to consider “the next step” in our tech ministry. The church council has prayerfully considered and approved the plan to move forward to provide “live streaming” of worship and other special events (such as weddings and funerals) at Immanuel. 

In addition to those who are not able to attend worship on Sundays, or other special events, this will especially benefit our snowbirds during winter months, who would like to “attend” Sunday worship at Immanuel. 

People will have the option to watch worship and other special events live, or at a time of their convenience, as worship and other special events will be archived and available on our website. 

Here’s the deal: the cost for this “next step” enhancement to our tech ministry is around $15,000, which seems like a daunting challenge, which it is. But the benefit will be enormous and will be a blessing for many years to come. The bid includes all the “hardware,” with the installation of new and improved (crisp and clear) cameras with a life span of at least 15 years, and training. The hope is to have this new system in place by the end of the year. 

With Luther, it was the printing press; then much later came the radio and television; then along came the internet; and here we are today. Let’s together take “the next step” to advance the Gospel of Christ at Immanuel, today and for many years to come. 


Pastor Paul 

Immanuel’s Vision Statement 

A vibrant and diverse community of faith where lives are changed;
Where people of all ages are invited and challenged
To become disciples of Jesus in their daily lives;
Where real people experience healing, help, hope and harmony


Please contact the church office if you, or someone you know from Immanuel, with their permission, is in the hospital. Due to confidentiality laws, the hospital does NOT contact the church (or pastor) when they are admitted, even if they designate a specific church/pastor on the intake form. At Immanuel, we hope and strive to provide timely and appropriate pastoral care to those who would desire and appreciate it. Too often, we are last to know about a member being (or having been) in the hospital. Thank you!