Pastor’s Perspective:

February 2024

Pastor Paul Mattson

Well, it happened again this morning. I arrived at church and didn’t have my church keys on my set of keys. So, back home I go to fetch them. 

And then, on recent days, upon returning home, I did not have my house key on my key chain. So, I go to where we hide our extra key to let myself in. 

So what gives? What is going on? Daughter Elizabeth, wife Jill, and I have been swapping vehicles for various reasons and therefore swapping sets of keys. And sometimes we end up with the wrong set of keys. 

As you know, it’s important to have the right key at the right time. And the same is true for our lives of faith. In this sense, the “key” to our faith is the cross. 

We now will be entering the season of Lent, beginning with Ash Wednesday on February 14. 

Lent is a season when we are “guided to the cross” which will be our theme for our Wednesday evening worship services. Throughout the 40 days of this special time of year, we are drawn to the cross to live in forgiveness, hope, love, peace, trust and perseverance. Each week, the services will reveal Jesus and his cross to give us solid examples for us in how to live our lives for and through our crucified Lord and Savior. 

Themes include: 

  • Guided to the Cross to Forgiveness 
  • Guided to the Cross to Hope 
  • Guided to the Cross to Love 
  • Guided to the Cross to Peace 
  • Guided to the Cross to Trust 
  • Guided to the Cross to Perseverance 

Please come each Wednesday evening for soup supper (except on Ash Wednesday) at 6pm, followed by Worship at 6:45pm and reflect upon the “keys” of our faith. 

Blessings – Pastor Paul 

Immanuel’s Vision Statement 

A vibrant and diverse community of faith where lives are changed;
Where people of all ages are invited and challenged
To become disciples of Jesus in their daily lives;
Where real people experience healing, help, hope and harmony


Please contact the church office if you, or someone you know from Immanuel, with their permission, is in the hospital. Due to confidentiality laws, the hospital does NOT contact the church (or pastor) when they are admitted, even if they designate a specific church/pastor on the intake form. At Immanuel, we hope and strive to provide timely and appropriate pastoral care to those who would desire and appreciate it. Too often, we are last to know about a member being (or having been) in the hospital. Thank you!