Immanuel Lutheran Church of Crosby

Immanuel Lutheran is a member of Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC) and the North American Lutheran Church (NALC).

A vibrant, diverse and healthy community of faith where lives are changed by God’s love, given in Jesus Christ; Where people of all ages are invited and challenged to become followers of Jesus Christ in their daily lives; Where real people experience healing, help, hope and harmony.


To welcome all people to:

      • to GATHER in worship
      • to GROW in God’s Word and grace
      • and to GO forward in faith and serve others in Jesus’ name.

Learning and growing in faith in Jesus Christ Compassion, humility, patience, and acceptance personal integrity, honesty, accountability.

Meaningful rituals and worship Willingness to risk, learn, and grow.
Teamwork; Discover, respect, support and encourage one another’s gifts for ministry.

Immanuel teaches that God…

  • Has entered human history in the person of Jesus Christ so that we might know, experience share the love and grace of God;
  • Has revealed God’s truth and grace in the Holy Bible;
  • Is present to us today at all times through the Holy Spirit;
  • Works through the church, the people of God, healing and changing lives through the Word and Sacraments of Jesus Christ;
  • ls Christians to live lives of renewal and service:
    • To welcome others, no matter where they are on their faith journey,
    • To practice compassion and justice as a sign of Christ’s presence,
    • To discover one’s gifts for the building up of the people of God.