Family Ministry

March 2023

Jill DeCent, Family Ministry Coordinator

Greetings from Family Ministry! 

January sure was a busy month for our youth! In addition to regular youth group and Confirmation classes, 7 youth and 3 adult mentors attended a retreat weekend at Camp Shamineau. Through fundraising and generous donations, all youth and adults were able to attend a fully funded trip—thanks be to God! Also in January, many of our youth group attendees, and confirmation students joined other local youth groups and youth leaders at “B.A.Y Rally” held at the Northern Pacific Center in Brainerd. Brainerd Area Youth for Christ puts this fun evening on, filled with activities, music, and speakers. The next B.A.Y Rally is in April, and we are excited to go again! We are also loving that our current 6th graders are joining the youth/confirmation on Wednesday evenings. 

Children ages pre-k through 6th grade continue to learn about the Ten Commandments in Sunday School. Watch for information as we look to join families for a fun Easter activity sometime in the coming weeks. 

Survey results are in, and were recently canvased by Pastor Paul, Jill DeCent, and Mark Holmin of the “Faith at Home” venture. Prayerfully, this team will continue to work towards a plan for joining our families in their Faith at Home journeys. 

“Love each other like the members of your family. Be the best at showing honor to each other.” Romans 12:10 

Meal with a Mission
For Youth
February 19, 2023 



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