Women of Immanuel

December 2022

. . . . in Spirit of Christmas Bazaar

The annual Spirit of Christmas Bazaar was November 12th. It was a very successful event again this year. The fellowship hall was turned into a Christmas store for the day. There was a raffle with six great prizes, beautiful craft items, a bake sale, wonderful confec-tions, live music, cookie decorating for children, music and cinnamon rolls and coffee for a break in the shopping. 

Raffle winners were: 

Queen size cotton quilt in deep reds, greens, and blues, donated by Sharon Simons-won by Marian Segersten. Scandinavian tine box (bentwood), donated by woodworker Jeff Olson-won by Lisa Breck.
Houseplant stand, cherry, 28” high, with potted plant, donated by woodworker Randy Evans-won by Kay Gaudette.
Christmas gnome afghan, lap size, washable acrylic yarn, crocheted by Kelly Lanini-won by Sharon Valentino.
Full size blanket chest, butternut, donated by woodworker Jeff Olson-won by Florette Chenevert.
Rosemaled Sleigh filled with Christmas greens donated by the Robert Cooper Family-won by Judi Burson.

Wreaths for the bazaar were made at Peter and Jan Nordell’s home on Sunday and Monday, November 6 & 7. Thank you to everyone that helped with this

Thank you to Norm Hullinger, Dan Wisniak and Jill Mattson for obtaining the boughs for the wreaths. Thank you to Jill Mattson for the photos of that event. 

The bows for the wreaths were made by Jeanette Radinovich. 

Confections were made and packaged at the church on Thursday, November 10th. These are always a very popular item at the bazaar. Thank you to everyone who helped with this. 

The Spirit of Christmas Bazaar has a greater purpose beyond the creative energy that goes into bringing a fun event to the communi-ty. The bazaar plays an important role in support of Immanuel’s mission. All items that are made, decorated, sewn, baked, and created are given as donations by our members, as well as several non-members! 

The funds raised by this event goes to help support local missions and charities. This is a huge endeavor to help support certain needs of our community. The total sales amount as of November 20th is $12,230.70!! We feel so blessed to be able to distribute this generous amount back into our community. 

Judy Kirchoff, Nancy Nyvold and Karen DeBoer, the bazaar’s co-chairpersons, are grateful for the time, energy and materials given to support this yearly effort. It takes numerous dedicated committee chair people to bring it all together. Also, the help of several willing men that haul heavy display furniture from storage to church, then back again is a huge bonus. We feel that this yearly bazaar is funda-mental in keeping with Immanuel’s role to support our community. When you work and contribute any amount of time and effort, you are making a positive impact on so many. We co-chairs want to extend a huge thank you to the committee chair people, and to EVERYONE who contributed to our bazaar’s success. If you were unable to contribute or donate time this year, please consider helping next year. It’s a lot of fun and builds a wonderful foundation for stewardship. 

God bless, 

Judy Kirchoff 218-820-2802
Nancy Nyvold 612-804-4917
Karen DeBoer 763-442-0577 

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