Women of Immanuel

May 2021

Spirit of Christmas Bazaar

How quickly time passes!  Spring has arrived, summer is just ahead, and fall will be right around the corner! That means our annual Spirit of Christmas Bazaar is in sight,
and we anticipate having this festive event continue! The date has been set for Saturday, November 13, 2021.
As an addition to our wonderful crafts and baked items, it has been suggested that we include a Minnesota themed area.  Therefore, as you plan your items for the bazaar,
you may consider crafts that feature a Minnesota idea or topic.
Examples might include cards, emblems, recipes, or signs with a Minnesota saying. Or perhaps a creation from fabric that promotes our Minnesota sports, lakes, logos.
How about an old board with a carving, or a stenciled phrase, jingle, statement…….MINNESTA NICE?  A shape of Minnesota or design stenciled onto a pillow, wine glasses, mugs
would be creative and fun.
Whatever your talents, expertise and ideas bring about, we welcome your contributions! That includes our talented and resourceful MEN who have crafted amazing items
in the past
We “bazaar co-chairs” are putting our heads together, we know many of you are also. Don’t hesitate to call, email or shout out your questions. We love your insights, ideas…and HELP!!
Nancy Nyvold
Karen DeBoer

Rummage Sale

After further consideration of the ability to safely hold a spring rummage sale, it was decid- ed to postpone this until next spring.

Women of Immanuel Donations

Click below to see where the proceeds of the 2019 rummage/bake sale and the 2919 Spirit of Christmas Bazaar were donated.

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