Worship Writings

January 2022

Karlin Olson, Worship Coordinator

I Resolve 

A few years ago when I joined the Praise band at my church, the band did not have a name. 

We were practicing for a service and could not come up with an ending 

for one of the songs we were doing. 

Our bass player spoke up and said “That’s the name for the band, “Unresolved”.” 

In music, the resolve is a movement from a note or chord to the root note or chord. 

Think “A– men” at the end of hymns. 

The note of the “A” wants to resolve to the root note of the “men.” 

So it became our unofficial “tongue in cheek” band name. 

After returning to “in house worship” and missing some old members and adding some new, a long time member asked what our band name should be now that we were, in essence, a different band. 

I said “Still Unresolved” because that is what we are. 

Our band, as our lives, will never completely resolve. 

Our root note, our resolve, is God. 

So I sometimes find it funny when people make resolutions. Because the word implies completion, and except for those folks that actually do follow through on their New Years’ resolutions. . . Yeah, I don’t know any of them either., there is no true resolution. 

Either, our lives are unfinished until we move from our mortal coil and become complete in Jesus, or we can hope that when our “song” ends we won’t resolve to Hell. 

I, personally, resolve to follow Jesus and “resolve” to Eternity with my Father. 

Why wouldn’t you want to join that “band”?