Worship Writings

September 2020

Karlin Olson, Worship Coordinator

The Time of Plenty

For several years I was a market gardener. Ultimately, a failed market gardener, so I don’t give out tips, but serve as a less than perfect example. My problem was that I had too little during the Summer when there were plenty of customers and too much around Labor Day when the customers were gone. September is the time of plenty in Minnesota. I should have been much more thankful for the bounty, and complained less about the lack of patronage.

I have often complained about having too much. Too much debt, too much weight, too much ear hair, etc. But I should be thankful even in that. I could have been without the home and land that I owe on. I could have been without food. I could have no ears. I could have no church to worship in.

We are so blessed to live in a land of plenty that allows us to worship freely. Mask or no mask there is no “free worship” in several Communist and Islamic nations. And several of our ancestral homelands have “State” churches that restrict what is allowed to be taught. And what is allowed, is usually in line with the Culture of the country, not the Bible.

Even though I sometimes “kick at the goads” of these restrictions and rules, I have not been told that I can’t worship my Lord and Savior. Whether in a house of worship or in my armchair, with singing or without, I can still bring my praise to the Great I Am. That is plenty enough for me.