Worship Writings

July 2021

Karlin Olson, Worship Coordinator

Have you ever had writers’ block? 

This is a scenario where you can’t come up with a subject or a word or an idea, usually relating to a deadline. Like for a monthly newsletter. 

There are a few examples of writers’ block in the Bible. 

Well not so much writer’s block as procrastination. 

God told Abraham that he was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham said “whoa, my friend, What if 50 people are righteous? (paraphrased) 

And God waited. 

Then he said, “There are not 50 people who are righteous in S & G so I am going to destroy it.” 

And Abraham said. “Whoa, my friend, what if there are 45 people who are righteous” 

And God waited. 

Abraham worked his way down to 10 people and God waited. 

In the end for all of his trying to “put off the inevitable”, Abraham could save no one. 

God had to send angels to warn Lot, his wife and two daughters. 

Moses had writer’s block. 

It took him 40 days to write out 10 rules, well not so much rules, as instructions, well not so much instructions as “Commandments” 

And he procrastinated. 

It took him 40 years to make a 47 day walk from Egypt to Canaan. 

Everyone of us gets stuck at one time or another. We are made that way. Even the most disciplined, “burn the can-dle at both end’s” person will find him or herself stuck in a place that they cannot escape every now and again. We all look for just a little more time. 

But, when your God is before you, and behind you, and knew you before you were born and knows your every step along the way, you can be assured that no matter how stuck you may be stuck, 

He waits on you. 

If you hear His call, don’t wait too long to say “Yes” to Him. 

Well, I will leave it there. I really have to come up with an idea for this month’s newsletter.