Worship Writings

October 2021

Karlin Olson, Worship Coordinator

October 31st is Reformation Day and Halloween. 

Coincidence? Not according to Martin Luther’s plan. 

In 1517 Luther did not have Facebook or Instagram or YouTube to “get out the news” 

So he used what was available to him. A place where all could see what he had written, in this case his “Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences,” what we know as “The 95 Theses.” 

At that time the place to “post” his message was on the door of “Castle Church” in the town of Wittenberg 

But why October 31? 

Because the next day was “All Saints’ Day” 

In 1517, the relics of the martyrs were displayed for public viewing at Castle Church. So Luther reasoned that he would get the most “hits” “likes “ and “shares” from the door of that church because it was one of the most highly attended church ceremonies in the Catholic tradition. 

(Remember, Luther was a Monk in the Catholic Church). 

So to get his message to the masses, (pun intended) he placed them in the way of the masses. 

So Luther was ahead of his time using social media. 

And as we do not fear the darkness, we give but lip service to Halloween, and live in the light of God’s love and glory. 

Reformation Sunday is the day when we remember and re-tell the family stories of our faith. Stories about men and women who came before us and taught us about the faith. Stories about people who risked every-thing so that we would be able to gather and worship in the manner that we do. 

On Reformation Sunday, we return to the core of our faith: 

God loved us first, and God continues to shower us with grace and mercy. Breyeschow