Church Garden Coordinator Position Open (May-September) 

Once again, we had a successful growing season in the church vegetable garden thanks to the efforts of 20+ dedicated volunteers. Through the sales of vegetables at the Harvest Table in the Fellowship Hall, we raised almost $800 for our church building fund (changed from soup kitchen as in previous years). 

We would like to see this program continued, but we need a new coordinator to oversee planting and scheduling of the teams of volunteers. Nancy Evans, who is stepping down from this role, is happy to help the new coordinator get up and running and to continue serving on one of the teams. A new coordinator is welcome to make any changes he/she/they wish in how the garden could be managed. 

Besides raising money, the church garden has provided healthy, affordable fresh produce for members of our church congregation, many of whom are unable to garden on their own. Gardening is an excellent family activity that encourages exercise and healthy eating, and teaches children responsibility and knowledge of where the food on their plates comes from. To volunteer for this position, please give your name to office staff or to Nancy.