Immanuel’s Fireside Library

In the Fireside Library, we have approximately 600-700 faith-based books and DVDs evenly split between fiction and nonfiction, with the majority of materials aimed at adults and a smaller portion aimed at children. Our library is open to all church members.

To check out a book from the Fireside Library, simply fill out the book card with your name and date and drop that in the card box. Please return library materials in a timely manner (6-8 weeks).

The volunteer librarian is Nancy Evans, and she is always open to suggestions for new books and DVDs that would you like to see added to the collection. Please drop her a note in her church box #61 suggesting specific titles or general topics of interest to you.

If you belong to a faith-based study group, consider having the library purchase and house the DVD and leader guide for your group. Other groups might then choose to check out those materials when you are done.

As another source of Christian reading, we have been blessed in Crosby by the opening of Restoration Books & Gifts at 111 W Main Street. Check their Facebook page for their hours. It is our hope that the congregation will support this vital business in town.

Many avid readers enjoy buying interesting titles to enrich their home libraries and then sharing those books with friends. I would ask that when you find a particularly meaningful Christian book that you share the title/author with the church librarian so that it can be purchased for the church library to enrich the reading of those who may prefer to borrow books rather than purchasing them.