Children’s Ministry & Milestones

April 2021

Jill DeCent Children’s Ministry Coordinator

SPRING is here, and the days are officially becoming brighter and longer-praise be to God! As we head into the busy months of March and April, we look forward to several happenings here at Immanuel. Our 5th and 6th graders will be offered the annual First Communion education sessions, as well as engaging in communion for the first time on Maundy Thursday, or Thursday April 1st. Students and parents will be introduced to lessons in Communion, utilizing interactive booklets for both communicants and parents. Families are invited for a time of gathering, crafting, fellow- ship, and lunch on Saturday March 27th. We will be crafting a “Resurrection Garden”, that may be taken home to care for. A sign-up sheet is available on the door of the nursery. It’s that time of the year also, where we begin planning for VBS-that’s right, we are prayerfully planning for our traditional VBS week, complete with all the wonderful IN PERSON activities! This awesome week cannot happen without our amazing volunteers, so a ZOOM session has been scheduled for Monday April 6th, at 6:00pm, to begin brainstorming and planning. If you would like the link emailed to you, please contact Jill DeCent. Our Nursery is now open, but may not always have an attendant and/or adult volunteer on Sundays. Please see the yellow sign on the nursery door, in order to know if an attendant and/or adult volunteer is on duty. We continue to work towards a full calendar of attendants and volunteers! As we begin to gather again, PLEASE consider volunteering in our Children’s Ministry!


Jill DeCent, Children’s Ministry Coordinator





First Communion 2021:  Pictured are L to R Front: Hunter VanHorn, Kirsten Nixon, Cody Reinhart, Jackson Eberly Back: Chase Horner, Lyric Aulie, Brody Chamberlin, Wyatt Holmes, Brody Pakarinen







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