December 2022

. . . In Prayer Ministry 


Three Ways God Speaks to Us 

One of the reasons we struggle to hear God speak is that we don’t recognize it when he does. God may have spoken but we have not recognized it. 

The issue is not that God is mute. By his very nature, the God of the Bible is a communicator. It is US that have the problem. We are the one’s who don’t no-tice his messages due to our lack of awareness of How he communicates. 

God’s communication forms are not too different from ours. Here are three of the most common ways God communicates with us: 

1. Words We Hear 

God speaks to us through the Holy Spirit, not necessarily externally but inter-nally and inaudibly with messages that sound like our own thoughts. For exam-ple: the “small voice” of Elijah’s experience (1 Kings 19:9-13). 

2. Pictures We See 

When God speaks in pictures, his messages comes in dreams when we are sleeping or visions while we are awake. Sometimes God’s visual messages are full of riddles that are not easily interpreted. 

3. Emotions We Feel 

God’s messages may come through emotions we feel. In other words, we sense what God is saying to us. The emotion of the Holy Spirit is felt physically and this in itself communicates a message. 

The easiest way to know when God is speaking to us is to become more aware of how He is speaking. If you keep these three ways in the back of our minds, we will see that God is listening to us and speaking back to us. 

Submitted by: Misty Patrick 


Prayer Requests

If you have a prayer need, please share with us and we will pray for you. If you have a prayer of thanksgiving, we will rejoice with you. Contact the church at 218-546-6010 or email [email protected]


. . . Dream Intercessors

The Dream Team intercessors pray specifically for the needs of our pastor and his family. The prayers are communicated every 2 weeks via email or printed up by the office staff for those without email. The Prayer Chain is communicated via email. The prayers are generated from the bulletin Friendship cards, email and phone calls. The PRT (Prayer Responsibility Team) assignments go out to member’s church mail boxes at the beginning of each month. Each month a different church ministry is rotated through each box. These prayers are for the at home prayer support of Immanuel’s ministries.

In Prayer Shawl Ministry:

A Prayer Shawl is meant to be given to anyone (male or female, including children) who has had surgery, been diagnosed with an illness, lost a loved one or is dealing with a hardship.

Prayers are said while the shawl is being made, that recipients may feel comfort and love as they wrap themselves in it. Shawls are available in the Fellowship Hall in the far right hand corner on the cabinet shelves. Please be sure to check/sign the book saying to whom you are giving a shawl because we don’t want to duplicate.
Please let me know of anyone you believe should receive one of
these Prayer Shawls.

Thank you, and if any questions, please feel free to call or contact me at 218-546-6065 or by email
[email protected].

Marsha Larson