Family Ministry

July 2022

Jill DeCent, Family Ministry Coordinator

. . . . in New Office Staff, Family Ministry Coordinator 

Hello! My name is Jill DeCent, and am proud to be your new “Family Ministry Coordinator” here at Immanuel Lutheran Church. So what does a Family Ministry Coordinator do you ask? Well, after much prayer, research, and discussions with our church council, the congregation, and staff, there was a decision made to combine the previous positions of “Children’s Ministry Coordinator” and “Youth Ministry Coordinator” into one position. I previously served as the “Children’s Ministry Coordinator” for a little less than 2 years in 2020 and 2021, and was able to uncover a passion for serving children, families, the church, and God! I will now coordinate and team with families, child and youth leaders, mentors, and staff to continue all the things in our Children and Youth ministry that help us learn about Jesus, grow, and be disciples of Christ in our daily lives. 

My professional background is in banking, with over 15 years at a local credit union. As my family grew over the years, I discovered my priorities began to shift, and my heart yearned for more time with my family, as well as a closer relationship to God. After returning to banking in the Fall of 2021, I began praying more than ever, for God to lead me back to Immanuel, if it was in his will for me. I just knew where my passion was, and felt deep in my heart that I was made to serve and support. Life sure is funny that way, how right when you think you have it all figured out, God shows up and says “My will, and not yours”. 

I sure do love my family, which is comprised of my husband Jerry, whom I have been married to for 11 years, and 4 children. Carter (17), Maycee (10), Kynsley (9), and Conner (7). Although I have completely fallen in love with this community, I did not grow up here. I grew up in several suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul, but located here to Crosby in 7th Grade. I am a C-I graduate, and couldn’t be more proud! Marrying my husband allowed me to become related to, well… a LOT of people locally, which I think is pretty fun. We reside in Crosby, and truly enjoy everything the Cuyuna range has to offer. What a blessing to have so much of God’s amazing creation right out our back door. 

I am anxious and excited to see what God has in store for the future here at Immanuel!

Jill DeCent is Immanuel’s new Family Ministry Coordinator. She was installed on Sunday, June 5th. 

From Jill: We want to hear from YOU about all things child, youth, and FAMILY ministry. Let’s start the dream about the future of Family ministry at Immanuel, and make some of those dreams a REALITY! A Family Ministry Summit will be held on SUNDAY, JUNE 26TH, 12PM AT THE YOUTH CENTER. Bring the family, as adults meet, kids can play. This is also a Meal with a Mission day at church, so grab some lunch, then head over! 

There is a Family Ministry Feedback survey on the Family Ministry Facebook page that will help prepare for this meeting. 


Family Ministry Coordinator Job Description