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January 2018

Katie Kovatovich, Children’s Ministry Coordinator

Thanks to the volunteers, costume helpers, musical talents and parents who helped make the Christmas program a reality. The support from the congregation and staff that has been given is a statement itself. It is very much appreci-ated to see our children take part in a story about the first Christmas during this hectic family holiday season with the encouragement there to help guide and give confidence to their efforts. And a BIG thank you to these special LITTLE ones for taking on the BIG roles in this never-forgotten story!

With your LITTLE blessings around your table this holiday season, and thoughts about the new year – new begin-nings… We invite you to join in our children’s program. We are looking forward to sharing ways you can build your faith at home. As many of us know parenting is a big job with many joys, and in the shuffle  between school, sports and work,it’s often put aside the time to press pause and say praise. We are all on a faith journey on our own paths, but we all have the same destination – and we here at Immanuel – are excited to help with those first steps of introduction. ENJOY THE HOLIDAY BREAK – Sunday school will resume January 7th!

Katie Kovatovich

Children’s Ministry Coordinator


. . . . in 2017 Family VBS

Family Vacation Bible School was a great success. Approximately 100 children, parents, grandparents and adult and teen volunteers took part in the music, lessons, crafts, and games.