Pastor Perspective

Council 11-11-14 - 07

Pastor Paul Mattson

September 2017 

. . in Pastor’s Perspective:

We are getting closer to the finish line in celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, a reforming (correcting) movement of the church which began with Martin Luther long ago in Germany and continues yet today.

Here at Immanuel, a number of small groups have taken time this year to study and learn more about Luther – his life, his times, his family and his work and mission. Earlier in the year, some of us traveled to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to take in the Luther exhibit that has been traveling around the world during this anniversary year. Through the weeks, we have highlight-ed a section of Luther’s small catechism in the Sunday bulletin. Also, here in the newsletter, Claudia Tessmer has provide a monthly “Remembering the Reformer” article to help us remem-ber and honor Luther and his life and great contributions to the church.

There are a number of significant “catch phrases” of Luther and the Reformation. The three most significant phrases that came from the Reformation and still ground and center the life and mission of the church today are:

  • Grace Alone
  • Faith Alone
  • Scripture Alone

The bottom line: this is what the church of Christ stands on.

And Luther was also famous for his pronouncement of “Here I Stand!” (upon these three principles) while debating and arguing the church leaders of his day, who asked (demanded!) him to publicly recant (take back) his pointed criticisms of the church.

So in this 500th Anniversary year of the Reformation, we are thankful that Luther “took a stand,” and at the same time we are thankful that the church did not “stand around” but instead got busy preaching and teaching the Gospel publicly and in the home, building the Church of Christ.

Our Fall congregational learning event (the focus of worship and small groups) is entitled: Here I Stand We Go! Our mission and purpose is to GO and preach and teach the Gospel at church and at home, building the Church of Christ for the next 500 years. During the weeks, we will focus on Luther’s “Seven Marks (building blocks) of the Church” – God’s Word, Holy Baptism, Holy Communion, Forgiveness, Ministers (all of us) in the Body of Christ, Public Worship, and ground zero being the Cross of Christ.

We hope that everyone beginning September 10 will participate by:

  • Attend church each Sunday (September and October)
  • Participate in a weekly small group (DVD’s and study materials will be available at church soon).
  • Attend our special Reformation Sunday (Immanuel Homecoming) Worship at the Mayberry Auditorium on October 28 at 10am, followed by a “German” flavored meal! (Sorry, no beer—but maybe some brats!)

Here we go! Together, building the church of Christ for the next generations to come!

Pastor Paul