Pastor Perspective

Pastor Paul Mattson

May 2018

. . in Pastor’s Perspective:

In Appreciation – Sandy Davis 

It will be 19 years ago this June that our family moved to Crosby and began our time of ministry at Immanuel. At that time there were several people on staff at Immanuel. One of those staff members was Sandy Davis, at the time, a part-time Children’s Ministry Coordinator.

In the coming weeks Sandy will now be leaving her current position as Youth Ministry Coordinator, marking the end of long run as a member of Immanuel’s staff. We give thanks to God for her servant heart, and for her dedication and years of ministry to, with, and for the children, youth and families of our community. She truly has been a blessing.

In her years at Immanuel, Sandy has been instrumental in helping develop our milestone ministries—reaching out and working with children, youth and their families at the faith milestones of baptism, 3rd Grade Bibles, First Communion, Confirmation, Blessing of New Driver’s Licenses, and the Blessing of High School Graduates. There were also many years of coordinating Sunday School and Vacation Bible School.

Sidebar—one fun memory of Vacation Bible School: Years ago the VBS theme was “Polar Adventure” and one of the group activities was to make a model “igloo” made out of sugar cubes. The task began on Monday, and the goal was to add sugar cubes to the igloo each day. Coming into church that next Tuesday morning, we discovered that the local ant colony had somehow discovered the goldmine of sugar, and there was a huge “freeway” of ants coming from the alley, to and from the igloo. I’m sure the ants thought they were in ant heaven! Needless to say, the sugar cube igloo project didn’t quite make it that year!

As Youth Ministry Coordinator in more recent years, Sandy has been influential in building a solid youth group here at Immanuel, and has coordinated a mission trip to Colorado, local community service projects, and other special retreats and outings.

Through the years, Sandy has had a faithful and supportive “sidekick” every step of the way. Her husband Denny has also been a great gift and blessing during Sandy’s years of ministry on staff—always ready to help and compliment her ministry.

As Sandy now steps away from her staff responsibilities, we hope and pray that both Sandy and Denny will find a new niche in making a difference in the lives of young people and their families in our community.

So thank you Sandy (and Denny) for your faithful service to our Lord Jesus Christ, in and through the children, youth and family ministries of Immanuel. May God continue to bless you, to be a blessing!

In appreciation, in Christ,

Pastor Paul and the people of Immanuel

* On Sunday June 3rd, there will be a special recognition for Sandy at each of the worship ser-vices.