Pastor Perspective

Pastor Paul Mattson

November 2017 

. . in Pastor’s Perspective:

Ministry in Daily Life 

Participating in God’s World—It’s all about YOU! 

Last month, I did it. I got cable TV hooked up at our home for the first time in about 14 years. One of the things I missed about TV during those years was occasionally watching a sports game (and Jeopardy!), which I can now enjoy again. One thing I did NOT miss of course, was the huge volume of commercials and also the terrible and tragic news from our communities and around the world.

It can often make us wonder what is happening to our world these days. And with that, a sense of hopelessness can sometimes creep in, as it seems there is so little we can do to make things better. So, we search for stories of good things that happen, people who are honest and return what is not theirs, babysitters who do a good job and rescue children from danger. Yes it’s true— good things happen! We need to share and uplift those good things.

And YOU are part of those good things…

•…YOU who strive to live a life of good character with traits like honesty, integrity, patience, industry, service, humility, faithfulness, and encouragement.

•…YOU who live a life centered on Jesus and the cross, and are willing to share that message with others at appropriate times.

•…YOU who carry out your responsibilities, whether in your occupation, in your family, or in your community, and as workers with God in his movement of love in the world. (This is true whether we lay bricks, scrub floors or care for children).

•…YOU who are willing to listen to and care for people, and are willing to be leaders in the life and mission of the church, and are working with others to make known God’s presence in the world.

As we explored during our Fall worship/small group series just concluded, one of Martin Luther’s major points during the Reformation was that we ALL have a call to participate with God in the ongoing work and witness of God in the world. We are ALL part of the “priesthood of all believers;” “priests” in that each one of us can bring and proclaim the love and grace and mercy and forgiveness of God in Christ to one another. God loves others through us, most often in and through the relationships and happenings in our daily lives.

This message of the Reformation needs to be heard today, and there is no better time than this month of “Thanksgiving” to be aware and lift up and be thankful, for all the good things that happen in our world when the living Christ through God’s Holy Spirit, is working everyday, in and through people. People like you!

Thankful for all the good God does, in you, through you, in this community and beyond.

Pastor Paul