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June 2018

. . . . in Sunday School 

Last September a Sunday School Committee was formed to provide leadership, support, and direction for the Sunday School ministry at Immanuel. Committee members are: Pastor Paul Mattson, Pat Neros, Diane Boike, Linnea Laffin, Melissa Chamberlin, Gene Lofquist, and Fred Tessmer. Thank you to these committee members for their commit-ment to this ministry. 

On Sunday, May 20, we thanked and recognized our teachers/helpers. They are: Linnea Laffin, Mellissa Chamberlin, Rick Aulie, James Freese, Lindsay Freese, Becky Pakarinen, Barb Hakes, Katie Kovatovich, Diane Boike, Taylor Beddow, Allison Johnson, Hannah Pakarinen, and Miranda Sicora. 

In late January we ordered material that included felt board to tell the stories of God mission with the people of God. This was primarily for the younger children but was adapted for the older children as well. The stories from the Old Testament included Jacob and Esau, Joseph, Moses, and the Plaques in Egypt. We will pick up with the story of Moses this fall. Thank you teachers and helpers for your commitment to this ministry. 

On Sunday, May 20, we also had a celebration to end the Sunday School time until fall. We enjoyed a craft, outdoor activities, snacks. On this day the children also sang in worship. Thanks to Linnea and Melissa for organizing this celebration. 

Some of our goals as we look ahead to this fall include: 

• Cleaning up Sunday School room so it can be used for that purpose instead of a storage room.
• Explore ways to encourage families to have their children involved in Sunday School.
• Stress the importance of Christian education for our children and families.
• Work with committee that is evaluating our facility to ensure that Sunday School ministry has a high priority. 

Submitted by Fred Tessmer on behalf of Sunday School Committee 

. . . . in Vacation Bible School 



Family Vacation Bible School will be held August 6th through the 9th from 5:30pm to 7:00pm. The theme is Babylon: Daniel’s Courage in Captivity.  If anyone is interested in helping in any way, shape or form, we could use your help to make VBS a success for our children! Everyone is welcome to volunteer to help make it a success for our children. If you can help, please contact: Pastor Paul 218-546-6010 or

Please fill out the VBS Registration Form and return it to the church office.



. . . . in 2017 Family VBS

Family Vacation Bible School was a great success. Approximately 100 children, parents, grandparents and adult and teen volunteers took part in the music, lessons, crafts, and games.