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Beth Bourgeois, Children’s Ministry Coordinator

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The Sunday School Committee meeting was held on January 6th. We reviewed the Christmas program and have already begun to brainstorm for next year. Classes have resumed after Christmas break and we’re continuing our study of stories from the Old Testament. The older students have been able to get more involved through the use of our new puppets and stage, giving the younger class the opportunity to hear the stories in a new way. Thank you to our Sunday School teachers for your dedication to our children! 

Our next meeting will be February 10th at 11:30AM. 

Sunday School Committee: Pastor Paul, Beth Bourgeois, Linnea Laffin, Melissa Chamberlin, Pat Neros, James Freese and Gene Lofquist. 

This report submitted by Beth Bourgeois 


. . . . in Vacation Bible School 

Family Vacation Bible School was held August 6th through the 9th  involving 21 families, kids, parents and grandparents.  Thanks to everyone who played a part in its success.  And special thanks to Glory Baptist Church in rural Aitkin, Lori Ostrowski, and others for sharing the wonderful props and staging for the event.