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Council Meeting 
Tuesday, November 12, 2019, 6:30 p.m.



Nancy added Soup Kitchen funds (OB#5). Rick added boulevard (OB#6). Dan added church security and fireplace (NB#6 &7.) Pastor added old computers, vacuum, church sign, and dividers (NB#8-11). Rick moved to accept the amended agenda. Dan seconded. Motion passed unanimously. 


It was a fabulous bazaar that was well attended and produced an impressive dollar total. Faith statements of the confirmands were moving. The handbells and chimers delivered a beautiful anniversary performance. The quilts were blessed. Shadreck’s visit was meaningful (and Pastor won the ping pong match). 

HOMEWORK – from the book Why Nobody Wants to Go to Church Anymore – chapter 10 

This month: Rick Kleinschmidt Next month: Deb Koop 




Dan moved that we accept the financial report for October. Deb seconded. Motion passed unanimously. 


October 16 meeting minutes were approved via email. Minutes of the October 18 online meeting (attached) and the November 3 meeting (attached) were approved. 


1. COMMITTEES – Finance – The team met on October 24 to begin work on the 2020 budget. They will meet again on November 19 at 10 a.m. and will present a draft of the budget to the council in December. Personnel – a) Sick leave policy: Jim moved for the wording in the employee handbook to read “Sick leave pay will be granted to an employee, if the employee or an immediate family member is sick.” Dan seconded. Passed unanimously. b)Thank you: Dan moved and Rick seconded gifting Sue Schubert $100 for filling in for Brenda while she was out on sick leave for her husband. Passed unanimously. c)Custodial hours: Deb moved that the custodial position be changed from a salaried position to an hourly position. Robyn seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. d)Background checks: Nancy moved that the policy on background checks be reworded to read, “Background checks will be completed on all volunteers, with the exception of church members, assisting with children’s and youth boards and/or activities. Brenda Hayes will be responsible for doing these and keeping a file on all checks completed.” Karen 

seconded. Motion passed unanimously. e) Salary increases: Dan moved, Jim seconded, accepting the personnel committee’s recommendations on salary increases for the year 2020. Motion passed with one abstention. These will be voted on by the congregation at the annual meeting in February. 

2. CONSTITUTION/BYLAWS UPDATE – No meeting has been held. Nancy will call the team together in the next week or two. 

3. SNOWBLOWER – Jim surveyed the snow shoveling volunteers, and 80% of them do not use the snowblower. The council recommended holding off on purchasing a replacement until later in the season to see if there is need of a new one. 

4. FUNERAL POWERPOINT FEE – Jim moved that the church collect $15 per hour for the creation and/or playback of Powerpoint slide shows for funerals. Dan seconded. Passed unanimously. 

5. SOUP KITCHEN FUNDS – Nancy clarified that the $1200 remaining funds that were disbursed to the Sharing Bread Soup Kitchen in Brainerd (see Oct. council minutes) did not include the $744.95 that was raised through the harvest table this growing season. The church gardeners decided to redirect their proceeds to Immanuel’s new building construction fund. 

6. BOULEVARD – Rick reported that our request to change the boulevard was sent to the city administrator, but no reply has been received yet. 


1. FINANCE TEAM RECOMMENDATIONS – a) Semi-Annual Congregation Meeting: Nancy moved to discontinue this meeting. Deb seconded, and motion passed unanimously. This will be noted in the Continuing Resolutions of the Constitution. b) General Fund Reserve: Rick moved that we shift the $500 a month that currently is transferred from the General Fund into Major Capital Improvements to the General Fund Reserve instead. This transfer should continue until the General Fund Reserve has a balance of $30,000 (one month’s operating expense), and then should be maintained at that balance. Dan seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. 

2. ST. JOSEPH’S PROPERTY – St. Joseph’s Church has inquired into our interest in purchasing any of their property at some point in the future. This will be discussed at the next building team mtg. 

3. JIM’S ELECTRIC BILL – The bill for installing the wiring for the new WiFi system should be paid from Major Capital Improvements. 

4. DONATION REQUESTS – tabled until Bob returns. 

5. YOUNG ADULT SUMMIT – tabled until December meeting. 

6. CHURCH SECURITY – Dan will confer with Paul and office staff on the possible need for signage on the back storage room doors and for other concerns about the security system. 

7. FIREPLACE –a quote has been requested on repair/replacement of the fireplace in the library. 

8. OLD COMPUTERS – Nancy moved that we have Marco take our old computers for recycling at a cost of $10 per computer. Deb seconded. Motion passed unanimously. 

9. VACUUM – Rick moved to approve the purchase of a replacement vacuum ($450) as requested by the custodians with the addition of bags, shipping, and handling. Dan seconded. Motion passed unanimously. 

10. CHURCH SIGN ON HWY 210 – Jim moved that we hire K&M signs for $450 (evangelism budget) to create a sign promoting our church and install it just above the St. Joseph’s sign near the Dairy Queen. Deb seconded. Motion passed unanimously. 

11. DIVIDERS – tabled 


Rick Kleinschmidt, Vice President

Karen Midthun

Casey Kannel

Dan Wisniak

Jim Patrick

Pastor Paul Mattson

Bob Neros, President

Robyn Klopfleisch

Nancy Evans, Secretary

Deb Koop