. . . . in the President’s Corner 


This summer the Property Team pointed out that there are several needed repairs at the parsonage. 

As part of the process the council received bids for the repairs and new siding. We then called a congregational meeting for July 22nd. The cost of repairs would have been above the level of council approval alone. We needed to have approval of a quorum of the congregation. As you may have read in the Sunday bulletin(s) this was cancelled. 

Lee Bohlin, who is very experienced with this type of project then con-tacted many members of the council. He wants to put together a team to look at the needed repairs. He will then present a plan of action to the council. 

Thank you, Lee, for coming forward with questions, concerns and offering to help with the needed work. 

The council then asked Lee to move forward with his request. 

Peace, Bob Neros 

. . . In Monthly Council Minutes . . .

Council Minutes July 2018

Rick Kleinshmidt, Vice President

Karen Midthun


Casey Kannel

Dan Wisniak

Council 11-11-14 - 07

Pastor Paul Mattson

Council 11-11-14 - 02

Bob Neros, President

Robyn Maki

Nancy Evans, Secretary

Deb Koop