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Council Meeting 
Tuesday, March 19, 2019, 6:30 p.m.



Bob added CARE request (OB#8) and parsonage dock (NB #5). Nancy moved to accept the amended agenda. Jim seconded. Motion passed unanimously. 


Growing numbers of children are attending Sunday School. “Date Nights” have begun (for families with young children). 

DEVOTIONS – from the book “Crazy Talk” – selected readings 

This month: Bob Neros Next month: Jim Patrick 




There were questions raised about the monthly deficit even after income showed a gain for the month . A suggestion was made that if Sandra cannot attend council meetings, perhaps two council members could meet with her monthly on the day of the council meeting to discuss questions in advance of the meeting. Casey and Nancy volunteered to do this. Casey moved that we accept the financial report as written with the questions tabled until Sandy can address them. Dan seconded. Motion passed unanimously. 


Minutes were approved previously via email. 


1. COMMITTEES – A. Personnel: Rick shared the second draft of the employee data sheet. It is still undergoing revisions. Rick relayed that Judy Burson would like her job title changed to Worship Coordinator/Office Ass’t and Terri Wisniak’s title changed to PowerPoint Ass’t. B. Technology: Brenda Hayes is looking into other IT firms. 

2. EXPENDITURE FORM – Nancy shared a draft of a purchase order form. Discussion focused on whether or not all staff would be advised to use it. Nancy will speak to Sandy to ask if the extra paperwork will help in tracking expenses. 

3. BANK ACCOUNTS – Ted Abear, VP at Deerwood Bank, presented information on the benefits possible for ILC if the church transferred its accounts to Deerwood. Bob reported that the fees at Unity are now less than $100 a month. 

4. WIFI – The router in the library was moved to the fellowship hall for better reception throughout the building. 

5. SERVANT KEEPER TRAINING – Five from the office will attend database training in the cities in May. Training hours are 8 to noon. At next month’s meeting, the council will discuss how to compensate them for this time. 

6. CHURCH SIZE – tabled 

7. COMPUTER UPDATES – Steve McConnel from Northland Design sent assurances that the Windows 7 computers won’t need to be upgraded to Windows 10 until January of 2020. The church should be replacing two computers per year with newer models (there are ten total). 

8. COMMUNITY ACTION RELIEF EFFORT – Susan Bushard and Darla Swanson followed up on last month’s discussion concerning CARE, the purpose of which is to provide funds and resources to individuals and families after a tragedy/traumatic life event. Nancy moved, Casey seconded, that Immanuel Lutheran Church be designated as the fiscal agent for CARE so that the funds that are raised are attached to an of ficial nonprofit account rather than being held in a private individual’s name. Motion passed unanimousl y. 


1. CONGREGATIONAL MEETING – Casey moved, Deb seconded, calling a congregational meeting for Sunday, June 2, to hear a presenta tion from the Feasibility Team and to decide on a course of action. A quorum will be needed in attendance in order to hold a vote on that plan. 

2. NEW BOOK STUDY FOR COUNCIL – Pastor Pa ul passed out copies of “Why Nobody Wants to Go to Church Anymore” by Thom and Joani Schultz a nd asked council members to read the first three chapters for discussion next month. 

3. VISION TO ACTION EVENT – The council will host a congregational gathering on Wednesday evening, June 12, (time tbd) to discuss where Immanuel is going as a church in mission to Christ. A meal will be served. 

4. FUNERAL POLICY/CUSTODIAL – Nancy moved, Rick seconded, paying the church custodian $75 per day for funerals. Motion passed unanimously . 

5. PARSONAGE DOCK – The boards on the dock at the parsonage are rotted out. Randy Stanfield will put together a proposal for repair or replacement. 


Rick Kleinschmidt, Vice President

Karen Midthun

Casey Kannel

Dan Wisniak

Jim Patrick

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Pastor Paul Mattson

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Bob Neros, President

Robyn Maki

Nancy Evans, Secretary

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