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Council Meeting 
Tuesday, July 9, 2019, 6:30 p.m.



Financial secretary Sandy Museus added lawn care service (NB#3), scholarship CD (NB#4), and Thrivent account (NB#5). Rick added mowing of boulevard (OB#5). Nancy moved to accept the amended agenda. Robyn seconded. Motion passed unanimously. 


Amazing Malawi event, generous donors, and all the volunteers who helped. Garden teams are doing a great job of maintaining the church vegetable garden. A good group is previewing a marriage course. 

HOMEWORK – from the book Why Nobody Wants to Go to Church Anymore – chapter 6 

This month: Bob Neros Next month: Jim Patrick 




Dan moved that we accept the financial report for June. Jim seconded. Motion passed unanimously. 


June minutes were approved previously via email. The minutes from the special congregational meeting (June 2, 2019) will need to be officially approved at the next annual meeting of the congregation. 


1. COMMITTEES – SRT captains passed along a list, approved in May 2017, of tasks for the annual church cleaning to be contracted to a commercial cleaning service. The tasks were not performed last year. The SRT captains ask that the church staff take responsibility for scheduling this each year. The SRT teams will continue to organize volunteers to do their portion of cleaning each summer. 

2. DROP BOX – tabled 

3. COFFEE FELLOWSHIP – The church will now be purchasing Sunday treats. Church staff will order them on the first Sunday. SRT captains will order them on the second, fourth, and occasional fifth Sundays. Treats may be donuts, cookies, cake, or cheese and crackers. Money collected in the table baskets on Sundays will be used to help fund this. (That money will no longer be split with the children and youth programs.) 

4. COPIERS AND COMPUTERS – The new copiers from Marco will be installed on August 1. The one older copier that we own will be donated to a nonprofit since it has little resale value. After 

reviewing the options for updating our computers, Bob made the motion to move forward with Marco for computer replacement and maintenance. Dan seconded. Motion passed unanimously. Brenda Hayes will contact Brady Knettel to visit with us again prior to the August council meeting to go through the details of replacing our Windows 7 computers, to explain the scope of a maintenance agreement with them, and to break down all the costs involved with such a move. All council members are encouraged to attend this meeting, if possible. 

5. MOWING THE BOULEVARD – The narrow strip of grass on the boulevard on 4th St. SW is difficult to mow due to its steepness and obstacles. Rick will call the city to see what we are allowed to replace the grass with – rock, mulch, pavers, shrubs, or artificial turf. 


1. BUILDING TEAM/FINANCIAL TEAM – Regarding a future building project that was voted on at the special congregational meeting in June, volunteers are being sought for a building team and a financial team. Bob will make personal calls to individuals who have indicated an interest. He suggested a goal of 10 to 12 men and women on each team. 

2. JUDY KIRCHOFF LETTER – Our handbell director, Judy Kirchoff, has announced that she will be retiring effective June 30, 2020. She and her husband, Hal, would like more time for travel and to visit the children and grandchildren. They intend to remain as members of the handbell group as time permits. She shared some ideas for growing our music program at Immanuel. 

3. LAWN CARE – Rick Schafer is raising his rates for mowing at the parsonage from $60 to $70. Of note: his new fee is still lower than the fee charged by the last lawn service. 

4. SCHOLARSHIP CD – A window for withdrawals, without penalty, from the scholarship CD comes up for ten days in August. Pastor Paul moved that we withdraw $4000 at that time. $1000 is needed to reimburse the general fund for a scholarship that was awarded in 2018. $3000 can be set aside in savings for this year’s requests. Two applications have already been received. The remaining balance will be invested in a new 12-month CD. Dan seconded. Motion passed unanimously. 

5. THRIVENT NEWS – Financial secretary Sandy Museus shared that we earned $542 in interest in 2018 on a Thrivent account. The interest came as a pleasant surprise prompting Sandy to track down the account it came from. It is from a Flexible Payout Deposit Agreement that was gifted to the church in 1998. 


Rick Kleinschmidt, Vice President

Karen Midthun

Casey Kannel

Dan Wisniak

Jim Patrick

Pastor Paul Mattson

Bob Neros, President

Robyn Maki

Nancy Evans, Secretary

Deb Koop