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Council Meeting 
Monday, January 8, 2019, 6:30 p.m.



Casey moved to accept the agenda. Deb seconded. Motion passed unanimously. 


The beautiful Christmas services, well attended. The kids’ Christmas program nice to see. Excitement about the upcoming family fun day (Sun. Jan. 13) and about the upcoming family ministry training (Sat. Jan. 19). 

DEVOTIONS – from the book “Grace for the Moment” by Max Lucado 

This month: Pastor Paul Next month: Karen Midthun 




A motion was made by Jim to accept the December financial report. Seconded by Rick. Motion passed by unanimous vote. 


Approved previously via email. 


1. COMMITTEES – A. Feasibility: The team is preparing a final report to present to the council at its February meeting. Fred Tessmer will share information with the congregation at the annual meeting on Feb. 3. B. Personnel: Rick shared the number of hours per week that each office staff person is assigned to work in 2019. 

2. EXPENDITURE FORM – Discussion of draft copy. Need to run this form past Gene L and Sandy M for their input. Nancy will type draft #2 of the expenditure form. Suggestion of a new procedure – all employees should receive a monthly budget report from the financial secretary of the line items for which they are responsible. 

3. JIM’S ELECTRIC – Bob passed around a copy of the bill with details spelled out more thoroughly. This bill has been paid. 


1. AGENDA FOR ANNUAL MEETING – Bob and Pastor Paul will meet to draft the agenda for the Feb. 3 meeting. 

2. BUDGET FOR 2019 – The financial team (Gene Lofquist, Sandra Museus, John Klopfleisch, Gordy Jacobson, and Jim Stolie) presented the proposed budget for 2019. During review, a number of changes/corrections were noted. The council will meet again Monday, January 14, at 6:30 p.m. to discuss/approve the finalized budget recommendations. 

3. NOMINATING COUNCIL MEMBERS AND ELECTION OF OFFICERS – Deb, Karen, and Jim’s acceptance to the council will need to be officially voted on at the annual meeting of the congregation. Dan’s first 3-year term will expire, and he indicated last month that he would submit his name again. Bob will notify the nominating committee. Jim moved that all current council officers retain their positions for a second year. Casey seconded. Bob, president, Rick, vice-president, and Nancy, secretary, indicated their willingness. Motion passed unanimously. 

4. AUDIT REPORT – The in-house audit reported dated 12/13/2018 found no discrepencies. We have not yet received the professional audit report conducted by Tom Bedard. 

5. CONGREGATIONAL WORKSHOP – JANUARY 19, 9-2 – Family ministry coach Gary Pecuch will lead a congregational workshop to develop a plan for how we can build important faith skills in our children and youth. Everyone is encouraged to attend. Please RSVP to Beth Bourgeois. 

. . . Special Council Meeting Minutes

IMMANUEL LUTHERAN CHURCH 2019 Joint Budget Meetings between the ILC Council and the Finance Committee Jan. 3, 8, & 14, 2019 @ 6:30 p.m. 


Council: Nancy Evans, Casey Kannel, Rick Kleinschmidt, Deb Koop, Robyn Maki, Pastor Paul Mattson, Karen Midthun, Bob Neros, Jim Patrick, Dan Wisniak 

Finance Committee: Gordy Jacobson, John Klopfleisch, Gene Lofquist, Sandra Museus, Jim Stolle. 

Recommend adding to the continuing resolutions that the Finance Committee will meet at least quarterly to keep abreast of the budget, to note shortages and/or surpluses, and to update the list of suggested benevolences and memorials. Casey Kannel will serve as council liaison to this committee. Lengthy review of proposed 2019 Budget. 

Dan moved that we accept the 2019 Budget including the modest wage increases recommended by the personnel committee. 

Rick seconded. Motion passed unanimously. 

Rick moved that we shift monies in the savings account from “undesignated memorials” to cover any negative balances in the other memorial accounts. Deb seconded. Motion passed unanimously. 

Bob moved that we award $500 to Gene Lofquist in appreciation of the extra hours he works in January to prepare the annual financial reports. Dan seconded. Motion passed unanimously. 

Nancy moved that we approve the 2019 benevolence listing and bring it forward to the annual meeting of the congregation for their acceptance. Casey seconded. Motion passed unanimously. 

Rick Kleinshmidt, Vice President

Karen Midthun

Casey Kannel

Dan Wisniak


Jim Patrick

Council 11-11-14 - 07

Pastor Paul Mattson

Council 11-11-14 - 02

Bob Neros, President

Robyn Maki

Nancy Evans, Secretary

Deb Koop