GOAL: Receive, record, and deposit all funds taken into the church and disperse funds received in a responsible and organized manner, with bills paid when due, so that the mission and ministry of the congregation are supported and strengthened.

REPORTS TO: Church Personnel Committee


Be considered a member of the church staff and attend staff meetings.
Conduct and present yourself in a manner fitting a church staff member.
Manage, verify and process accounts payable.
Process payroll.
Complete necessary documents for federal, state, and church.
Prepare and present reports as needed/requested for staff, council and congregation.
Receive and record all income from members and other sources.
Keep a weekly record of offerings and member contributions.
Prepare a bi-annual statements for each contributor.
Submit books for audit upon request of audit committee.
Each position must be seen as part of the larger ministry team at Immanuel.
Each staff member is responsible to promote and model unity, harmony, and
healthy communication and respect with other staff members and members of
the congregation in the ongoing life and mission of the faith community.
Each staff member will be encouraged to be active in the life of the congregation (if they are a member here) and to grow as a disciple of Christ.
As a staff member, each staff member becomes an advocate for the life, mission and ministries of Immanuel.


Process bi-monthly payroll and stipends for employees.
Pay Federal and State taxes the 15thof the month.
Submit pension and housing equity monthly.
Create 941 Quarterly (April, August, October, January) to IRS and file quarterly with Minnesota Revenue.
Process W-2 for employees by January 31.
File annual payroll reports and W-3 with the Social Security office by February 28th.


File annual report to Minnesota Revenue.
Complete annual Workman’s Comp. Audit.
Verify monthly statements to receipts.
Process credit applications for vendors.
Process sales tax exemption certificate (ST3) when requested.
Enter weekly revenue.
Make money transfers as needed.
Keep records of CD’s and other investments.
Assign and handout yearly envelopes


Experience in payroll and government reporting of payroll.
Experience in using computer accounting systems and record keeping.
Experience in printing financial reports and documents.
Ability to work days on a regular basis.
Experience in reconciling accounts and bank statements.
Keep confidentiality.
Experience required.

November 2018