Pastor – Welcome!

Welcome and thank you for visiting Immanuel’s website!


Pastor Paul Mattson

The Immanuel faith community is a diverse group of people who come from a variety of faith backgrounds and experiences. What unites us is our common mission to GATHER as God’s people, to GROW in understanding God’s Word and grace, and to GO and serve others in Jesus’ name

It is exciting to see God at work in people’s lives! We continue to see so many people being touched and transformed through the healing power of God’s love and grace.
My guess (and belief) is that God is right now at work in your life, in ways you might not completely understand. We invite you to join the others of this faith community who are exploring and discovering their relationship with God by Gathering, Growing, and Going as a believers, followers, and disciples (students) of Jesus Christ.

Immanuel Crosby SancturaryPlease know that you are welcome and invited to participate in any program and/or ministries of this congregation. You need not be a “member” to participate. Everyone is welcome.

At the present time, if there is a way we can be helpful to you and/or your family, please let us know. We are here for you, and look forward to the opportunity to be of service.

To learn more about the other ministries and opportunities available at Immanuel, please continue to browse the website or contact the church office.

Again, thank you for visiting Immanuel’s website. I’m truly excited for the plans and purposes God has for your life!

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Paul Mattson