Women’s Ministry

January 2019

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Bazaar Coordinator Position Open Need not be crafty to apply! 

Immanuel Lutheran’s annual “Spirit of Christmas” bazaar is a wonderful event! Our crafters and bakers and candy cane makers have so much fun preparing products for sale each year. The proceeds from this fundraiser support lo-cal and global charitable causes to the tune of over $11,000 each year! 

We are in need of a new coordinator for 2019. We are looking for a very organized person – young or old, male or female, working or retired. Over the past 20 years, Sharon Simons and her co-chairs have orchestrated the bazaar preparations like a well-oiled machine. Sharon has done the hard work for you by delegating the various responsi-bilities to captains who cover all aspects of putting on the event – including advertising, crafting, sewing, baking, decorating, wreath-making, money counting, etc. All those captains are returning! The new coordinator’s main du-ties, then, are to remind the captains of the timeline for their activities, to call meetings as needed, to be available for questions and/or suggestions and to help in setting up the displays in the days leading up to the event and working the floor on the day of the sale (always a Saturday). Notice that this description does not list being a “crafty person” yourself as a prerequisite; that is not necessary. This will be a fun opportunity for you to work with a group of craft-loving people who are dedicated to raising funds for the needy here and abroad. 

Sharon has assembled a Golden Notebook that details all the information you will need including the timelines, poli-cies and procedures. You will look like a super-star coming out of the gate! You will also have the unlimited sup-port of the hardworking, experienced team of men and women who help to ensure the success of each year’s bazaar. We are totally open to a team of two or three sharing the coordinator’s role if you want to encourage a friend or spouse. 

If you are interested in learning more about this volunteer position, please contact Sharon Simons, 218-851-0265, or Kim Gibson, 218-821-8747, as soon as possible! 

Women’s Donations 2017!

Click below for a list of donations from the 2017 rummage sale funds and 2017 bazaar funds. A total of $14,000 was allocated. Funds were allocated 30% to Global Missions and 70% to Local Missions, $4,200.00 and $9,800 respectively.

Women’s Donations-2017