. . . Harvest Table

The phrase “harvest table” brings to mind cornucopias and tables laden with seasonal foods. We have such a table at Immanuel Lu-theran Church, and you will find it next to the mailboxes in the Fel-lowship Hall on Sunday mornings from now through the first frost of fall. 

During July, August, and September, home gardeners and our church garden team share fresh produce they have grown for your enjoyment with the added goal to raise money for our soup kitchen ministry. Please help yourself to fresh lettuce, beans, tomatoes, herbs, and other seasonal produce which members of our congrega-tion have harvested to share with you. Free-will donations are ap-preciated, and there is a can labeled for those. Money raised goes towards the preparation of delicious healthy meals for needy fami-lies in the Brainerd Lakes area through the Sharing Bread Soup Kitchen. (See Pat Neros for more information on this local minis-try.) 

Enjoy the fresh produce, but keep in mind the need of the hungry families at the soup kitchen and the hard work of our home and church gardeners, and please give what you can as a sign of thanks. 

Nancy Evans