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March 2021


Please read the prayer challenge asking for prayer for the women who volunteer to cook the meals, etc. at MOCP: JointPrayerCovenantRequestMOCP1.29.21





MOCP update by Terri Wisniak


These pictures are just 2 of the hundreds of children MOCP feeds with food and Jesus. They are the reason for our event. 

If you would like to visit the project in Malawi, let me know. There are no trips planned at this time because of Covid but there is a lot of preparation that can be done. 

I am including the latest report from Shadreck on what is happening at the project: 

Report for the month of January 2021 

Average number of children fed (in hundreds): 800. 

Average number of feeding days per week: 4. We estimate that we have 3 weeks before the food finishes. This is also because of the hunger relief food we distributed to the volunteers and the vulnerable. 

Number of high school students: 73 

Number of boarding school students: 7; 6 in high school and 1 in college. 

Status of National High School attendees: Schools have now closed because of Covid. It is not known when they might re-open. The government had initially given a two-week period for the closure but have not extended. Precious, our college student, just finished his semester and is on holiday. 

Status of soap business: Training was conducted. Six people have been trained who will in turn train four more others. 

Status of chicken/egg business: We purchased the land adjacent to our property at the project, the land to our left. We will be constructing the chicken house there using the funds from the purchase of the land and house in Lilongwe. We have bought a few materials already, like bricks and sand and hope to start once the rain season is over. 

Status of Kanyenyeva Wala (Days for Girls): Kanyenyeva Wala is getting more recognition. Recently, all the Days for Girls initiatives in the country have formed a cohort to work with the First Lady of the country. She has a foundation which she launched some weeks ago and she had specifically arranged to work with Days for Girls in Malawi to provide training and materials to girls. Recently, Yami was part of a team that went to train and provide materials at Teleza Kachindamoto’s area as part of the initiative. Kanyenyeva Wala has also been in touch with Days for Girls in South Africa and is one of the pillars and contact points for the SA office. 

Status of the farm: We are happy with the crops so far. Groundnuts and bananas. The rains are in good amounts this year and we hope to have a good yield. We donated 100 bags more to Kanyenyeva, because of the needs. Initially we had wanted to grow corn also, but we decided not to. Corn would need much fertilizer and money. There are also more people who have grown corn this year, meaning the prices will drop. We have grown cash crops so we can sell and put back the money into the farm while the rest could be used to purchase corn for the project. 

Distribution of maize to volunteers and vulnerable families: We anticipate that our budget on corn will increase in the months of February, March and April. Covid is beginning to hit hard in Malawi and Kanyenyeva has not been spared in terms of its impact. The women alerted us that there was not much food left in the homes because people were unable to do peace works and earn money for their homes. We have had to distribute bags of maize, beans, and money for the maize mill, to the most affected families as per the assessment of the committee. We have also been able to share maize with all volunteers and their families. This program will continue for the next three months, funds permitting, in order to sustain these families. 

Feeding arrangements: We continue to feed the children at the center. It is difficult to distribute food to all the families and also to monitor if the children are being fed. The committee decided that we should still continue with the feeding program. It was either that or starve, for some families. We have tried to put measures to protect our children. 

1. To have the women serve the food whilst it is hot.
2. Have the children stay a meter or more apart from each other?
3. Have them wash their hands with soap, before and after the meals.
4. We no longer meet in the hall to avoid crowding 

Some of the things we need immediately include; 

a) Soap (to distribute to everyone)
b) Hand sanitizer
c) Masks (these will be made by Kanyenyeva Wala funds permitting)
d) Buckets for washing at the project 

Sports equipment and gym: We need more balls, toys and other things that the children can play with at the project. 

Last phase of skills center: The center is complete and usable. We wait for the last phase which includes running water and electricity. 

The well: Is still up and running and we still celebrate this gift of water in the village. 

Women volunteers and the committee: We hope to have a special day to celebrate the volunteers this year. We are thinking of a special meal and also gifts for them. This is just to celebrate the good work they have been doing for the past 15 years. We hope to invite the community, chiefs and leaders from the area. We hope to do this when life normalizes. 

Clothes, and shoes: We would love to provide the children with clothes, shoes as well, funds permitting. Most children rely on the clothes that the ministry has been providing to them and it has been some time since we did that. 


December 2020

2020 Christmas meal! Information and photos courtesy of Malawi Orphan Care Project Facebook Page.

This year’s Christmas meal was overwhelming. Thank you Malawi Orphan Care Project, thank you Immanuel Lutheran Church, Crosby, Minnesota. We gave up on counting how many kids turned up 😁, It was massive and overwhelming. We had the most fun!!! To God be all the glory. Catch a glimpse. Two halls; both of them full to the brim. And still more children outside. 

Watch this video of the Christmas Meal











Thank you and update from Shadreck and Yami on behalf of Kanyenyeva Ministries

August 23,2020

Dear abusa Paul, and brethren at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Crosby

I am writing you on behalf of the children of Kanyenyeva, the women volunteers who cook and take care of the children, the board members, and everyone involved in the ministry of Kanyenyeva.

Today, is a day you are having another Manna for Malawi event.

We want you to know that we greatly appreciate and do thank God for all the efforts and the assistance you give us. But we are so taken by surprise and our hearts are full of cries of joy. We know the situation you are going through in the US because of COVID-19. Many things have come to a halt including many businesses. Even in Malawi, a lot of businesses have closed. Hospitals are full of patients and yet there are not enough workers.

We would have understood if you decided not to have the Manna for Malawi event this year. But you have gone ahead with the program even during a season like this. Your love for us is evident, and your kindness is beyond our understanding.

Thank you so much for what you are doing. We hold our hands at Kanyenyeva in prayer; thanking God for you and praying that God will again manifest Himself during this year’s Manna for Malawi.

We are so thankful to everyone who will take part. You must know that for us, this is not just an event, you are literally saving lives.

The situation in Malawi at the moment is worse. We have had CORONA cases on the rise and it is worse in the villages where there is no help at all. This has made it even more difficult for the people in the village to find food.

Therefore we do not take this as a small thing. Words are weak and not enough to express our gratitude to you.

May God bless each one of you and may God take care of your needs in Jesus name.

In Christ,
Shadreck and Yami
On behalf of Kanyenyeva Ministries.

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