Malawi Ministry-Malawi Orphan Care Project

April Report 2021 by Shadreck

Average number of children fed (in hundreds):


There is an increase in the average number of children. There is a food shortage in the homes at the moment and we hope this will soon change when people begin to harvest.

The average number of feeding days per week:

6 days a week. We will begin trimming the days from May.

Number of high school students:


Number of boarding school students:

  1. Six in high school and one in college.

Status of National High School attendees:

Blessings Msonthi just got 14 points!! His points qualify him for any university in Malawi. He will have to sit for entrance examinations. Pray with us that he succeeds. He wants to go to a university in the southern region, MUST, Malawi University of Science and Technology. We are so proud of him.

Together we have 6 students who have passed their Malawi School Certificate of Education. All these qualify for college or vocational training. We are yet to find out how many points the others have.

Beginning this September then, we would love to support these 6 students so that they attend college. The number of college students will rise to 7 since Precious is already in college.

the success of high school students

We are planning to have a special day to celebrate the students who have passed their Malawi National Examinations this year, to encourage them and those coming behind them.

Status of soap business:

There is a need for us to purchase more materials that we can share with the group that got the training in order for them to start their own businesses of soap making. Right now they still work as a group and for the ministry. We have been sharing the kids and the volunteers, the soap they have been making and some will be used in the DFG kits.

Our idea is that those who were trained must be given the capital of MK100000 each for them to start their own business. This will translate into One million Malawi Kwacha. We will do this with the next wire transfer.  (This still remains)

Status of chicken/egg business:

We are going towards the end of the rainy season. Work on this project will start in the month of May.

Status of Kanyenyeva Wala:

This project continues to grow. Right now Kanyenyeva Wala has been provided an allocation of 860 kits which will be donated to the First Lady’s organization. The women are busy making these kits to finish them in time. Days for Girls International will donate these kits to the First Lady and has provided the materials to Kanyenyeva Wala for the making of the kits.

Days for Girls International has committed to paying the women for labor when their work is done.

Kanyeneva Wala has also been asked to be part of the Menstrual Health Education, under the First Lady’s organization and will be providing lessons during workshops and meetings whenever the First Lady is donating the kits.

Status of the farm:

Harvest of the peanuts start at the end of April. We are very hopeful for a good harvest.


Distribution of maize to volunteers and vulnerable families.

We distributed bags of maize to the volunteers last month.

Feeding arrangements

We were able to provide soap for both women volunteers and the children to wash their hands with when eating. We also bought sanitizers. We have been able to provide masks for the children to use at school and elsewhere. All volunteers and the whole committee got masks too.

Sports equipment and gym

We need more balls, toys, and other materials that the children can play with at the project. We hope to do this with the next funding.

The well

We have found several options on the well. On how we can make run by solar energy and provide running water for both the Skills Centre and the villages around.

Women volunteers and the committee

We hope to have a special day to celebrate the volunteers this year. We are thinking of a special meal and also gifts for them. This is just to celebrate the good work they have been doing for the past 15 years.

We hope to invite the community, chiefs, and leaders from the area. We hope to do this when life normalizes.

Clothes, and shoes

We would love to provide the children with clothes, shoes as well, funds permitting. Most children rely on the clothes that the ministry has been providing to them and it has been some time since we did that.

Note: Photos are from Malawi Orphan Care Project Facebook Page.

April 2021

Easter Greetings.

Dear Brothers and Sister in Christ,

A long time has passed since we physically met and we all miss you so much. The children at Kanyenyeva have been asking why we no longer have friends from overseas visiting us. We have explained to them the situation we are in as a country and also what the whole world is facing right now.  We hope to see you soon when the world returns to normal.

We rejoice in Christ and always, knowing that although circumstances have stopped us from meeting and seeing each other, we still share the same smiles, the same joys, the same hope in Christ.

We have been so puzzled by your commitment, and your love has always moved us to tears. This time, when the world is facing a menacing pandemic, we should have been facing a difficult time in this part of the world. The feeding should have stopped along with the other programs. But you have continuously supported the children at Kanyenyeva and with more commitment than before. These things move us to tears and challenge us to work hard and earnestly for the children.

We commit ourselves to Christ our Lord, to continue serving the children and sharing the good news of the kingdom. It is such an honor for us to be considered worthy of this noble task.

As we celebrate the resurrection of Christ our Lord, for He is risen, forever to reign, we are so thankful for our partnership and friendship. We are thankful that God, in His infinite wisdom, brought us together, in ways we cannot explain, to fulfill His mission, both in Malawi and America, and the entire world.

May the love of Christ continue with us. May He strengthen you always. May God increase our territories.

In Christ

Shad and Yami

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