VISION:  To provide and maintain a clean, neat, and welcoming environment throughout the church facility.

REPORTS TO:  Administrative Assistant/Office Manager


  • Be considered a member of the staff and attend staff meetings.
  • Conduct and present themselves in a manner fitting a church staff member.
  • Be responsible for the cleanliness of the complete church facility ensuring that it is presentable at time of use.
  • Provide set up and cleanup for funerals and weddings.
  • Provide set up and cleanup for activities on an as needed basis.
  • Perform light maintenance
  • Set up a weekly/monthly cleaning and maintenance schedule.
  • Be considered a member of the staff and attend staff meetings when possible.
  • Complete annual review process.
  • To be part of the larger ministry team at Immanuel.
  • To be responsible to promote and model unity, harmony, and healthy communication and respect with other staff members and members of the congregation in the ongoing life and mission of the faith community.
  • Be active in the life of the congregation (if a member here) and to grow as a disciple of Christ.
  • To be an advocate for the life, mission and ministries of Immanuel.

BOILER: The custodian shall have a low pressure class license to maintain and operate the boiler system –or-someone on call who has such a license (currently Doug Trogge and Ed Godfrey).  The custodian shall be responsible for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the boiler system.  During the heating season, especially during the coldest months, the system should be checked daily.


The custodian may expend up to $250 per occurrence on materials/supplies/repairs before the approval of the administrative secretary/office manager.


  • The custodian is the first person to be called for security breach, opening and securing the building.


  • Necessary janitorial skills
  • Ability to perform outlined tasks with a minimum of supervision
  • Self-motivated
  • General knowledge of janitorial supplies and their applications
  • Ability to work days on a regular basis and evenings/weekends as necessary.
  • Some experience preferred.
  • Able to pass background check.


  • Maintain regularly all floor surfaces throughout the building.
  • Replace light bulbs and tubes as necessary
  • Clean bathrooms regularly, especially after large group use of the building.
  • Work with property committee on major repairs and projects
  • Keep garbage cans and waste bins clean
  • Maintain sidewalks (sweeping)
  • Work with Member Ministry Coordinator to ensure snow removal, grass mowing, and yard work is completed as needed.
  • Set-up fellowship hall for activities
  • Develop an annual maintenance program for floors and boiler system.
  • Vacuum and clean floors on a regular basis, and more as dictated by use of facility.
  • Maintain grounds for litter, etc.