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November 2018

Kristi Gordon Worship Coordinator

New Worship Coordinator-Kristi Gordon

I was born and raised in Crookston, MN but I am proud to have Iron Range roots, as my Dad grew up in Hibbing. Joyfully, I had immediate connections here when I met Ruth Sandin; my Dad swam on Coach Lukens Hibbing’s High School Championship Swim Teams … “Pop” Lukens was Ruth Sandin’s grandfather, and my father said Pop was like a father to him. My heart still overflows! At Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri, I discovered my two loves: ministry and politics; from the White House to the St. Paul Capitol, I spent my 20’s and 30’s. Then I met John (now Immanuel’s Youth minister) on a trip home; he was building the FARGODOME. He hired me, fired me so he could marry me, as the story goes. We spent the next 15 years opening arenas in Miami, Chicago and Ottawa, Canada. I love Jesus today because of our very active youth program at Trinity; we spent a month in Mexico at a monastery working alongside the monks …. I built pig cages and roads. We also loved Holden Village, a Luther-an retreat center in the Northern Cascades of Wash-ington. Wherever we live, we get involved in church right away…. in youth ministry, the office, Bible studies, music, healing services, and volunteer-ing where needed. I am a lake baby and still have our grandparents Pink Cabin on beautiful White Earth Lake. 

Kristi Gordon, Worship Coordinator