Worship Writings this Month

Judi Burson,             Worship Coordinator

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May 2019

Following our Lenten Season when we had more time together to learn more about Jesus, I felt a twinge of sadness as I looked at the above picture. By the end of this month, our scriptures will tell of Jesus’ Ascension – no longer walking with the disciples each day, in reality, yet always with them. Just like it is with us in our daily walk. 

Author/Professor Dr. Mindy Makant in speak-ing about telling stories that point to the cross, refers to this time in our church calendar as the “poignant gap” – between Easter morning and Christ’s coming again! In this in-between time, we boldly affirm, “Christ is Risen, in-deed!” and yet we also live with the reality of loss, anxiety, and grief. She says, People, like us, “come to worship during this Easter Sea-son aching not only to hear about but also to experience the love of God. We know God will show up in the midst of the reality of all of our lives; right in the middle of whatever is really going on in our homes, our congrega-tion, our community, our nation and the world.” We need to keep walking boldly, tell-ing and retelling the story of God’s love, in even the most unlikely places of our lives. And we walk on, knowing we are not alone. And knowing that 

Christ Jesus WILL come again