Worship Wanderings this Month

Judi Burson,             Worship Coordinator

… Worship

November 2019

Worship Wanderings…. 

Today, I keep hearing the phrase, “in all things /
in everything – 
Give Thanks!” 

At times we may find that hard to do, because answers are not coming, or changes are coming too fast, because healings don’t happen, or because we have lost a loved one, or we find ourselves in a time that simply just does not make sense! 

And so we GIVE THANKS! Yes?
Yes!! We give thanks to God because…
We know we are not alone.
We know we belong to Him.
We know He is walking with us.
We know – no matter what – God will make a way!
We know that God shows us the Way, the Truth, and the Light! 

Giving Thanks for the Gift of all of you in my life, & the years we have shared together as we Gathered in Worship each week. May God continue to bless you. 

Together in God’s love and ministry. Judi B