Worship Wanderings this Month

Judi Burson,             Worship Coordinator

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July 2019

Worship Wanderings…. 

“Prayer is easy; prayer is hard. 

It is both of these together. Sometimes words tumble out, one after another and on top of each other, and then sometimes prayers come only in groans and silence.” 

– Katie Savage, A Plain Account © 2016 

What an amazing gift this thing called PRAYER. My parents, when faced with a difficult situation, often said, “But it is never outside the reach of our prayers.” And that has been something that has also been a gift to me throughout the years. It is such a blessing to be able to talk to our God about every detail, every situation, every concern and eve-ry thanksgiving. When I am separated from family geographically, they are still in my heart and pray-ers. When a crisis happens, we can go to prayer, immediately. Don’t you think we Christians some-times do this so naturally that we often forget the magnitude of the ability to raise each other up in prayer? During lunch the other day, our staff was talking about the “walking miracles” in our church family, like Denny Davis, Darlene Christopherson, Sandy Blood, and many more. God is so good. We are a praying faith family, and it shows. We bless each other when we share prayer concerns. And we see God’s movement in our lives when we share each other’s miracle stories.