Inside Immanuel

November 2018

. . . . in Immanuel Lutheran Church Feasibility Team 


A team has been formed to review how the building helps to serve the mission and ministry of the congregation. This includes looking at how the current space is utilized, in what ways can the building be better utilized, and what would need to be done to better serve our mission and ministry. 

At our August meeting we identified areas in which the facility/building is not doing a good job at serving our mis-sion and ministry. They are: Sunday School space, youth area, multi-purpose room, and storage. 

At our October meeting Art Feierabend updated us on his conversation and meeting with a structural engineer. The purpose of this meeting was to determine whether or not it would be possible to build up and add a second level to the building. Art has received some initial information concerning this possibility and is awaiting a final decision from the structural engineer. We hope to have a final report by our November meeting. Keep in mind that this is just one possibility being considered. 

We have added an additional priority which is office space, this may include reconfiguration of office area or include office space in any addition being considered. 

Our conversation about additional space continues to include an addition to the building, additional space in an unattached building, and the possibility of going up and having a second floor over the fellowship area. We continue to look at our current facility and identify any ways the facility could be changed to better serve our mission and minis-try. 

Team members are: Pastor Paul Mattson, Bob Neros (church council President), Brenda Lofquist, Gene Lofquist, Randy Stanfield, Nancy Evans, Elaine Karel, John Gordon, Jim Traylor, Carl Kurtz, Art Feierabend, Hal Kirchoff, Jim Bloedel, Meredith Bloedel, and Fred Tessmer. 

Our next meeting is November 20 at 6:30pm. 

Submitted by Fred Tessmer 

. . . in Immanuel’s Harvest Table 

The phrase “harvest table” brings to mind cornucopias and tables laden with seasonal foods. We have such a table at Immanuel Lutheran Church, and you will find it next to the mailboxes in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday mornings from now through the first frost of fall. 

During July, August, and September, home gardeners and our church garden team share fresh produce they have grown for your enjoyment with the added goal to raise money for our soup kitchen ministry. Please help yourself to fresh lettuce, beans, tomatoes, herbs, and other seasonal produce which members of our congrega-tion have harvested to share with you. Free-will donations are ap-preciated, and there is a can labeled for those. Money raised goes towards the preparation of delicious healthy meals for needy fami-lies in the Brainerd Lakes area through the Sharing Bread Soup Kitchen. (See Pat Neros for more information on this local minis-try.) 

Enjoy the fresh produce, but keep in mind the need of the hungry families at the soup kitchen and the hard work of our home and church gardeners, and please give what you can as a sign of thanks. 

Nancy Evans 

. . . . in A Big, Heart-Felt Thank you 

I want to take a few minutes to express my thanks and gratitude for all the support and encouragement I have been given in the position of Administrative Assistant/Office Manager here at ILC. It has been a very challenging, de-manding and rewarding experience. 

We have put together a very good team and they have been a tremendous asset and have helped me make significant changes to our operations and the way things should be done. I take great pride in what has been accomplished. I could not have done this on my own. 

Most members of the congregation would be amazed at all that is accomplished in the office at Immanuel Lutheran Church. The position of the Administrative Assistant/Office Manager requires one to be able to multi-task many duties in a very timely manner to meet specific deadlines. With the new person (Brenda Hayes) coming into this posi-tion, I ask for patience and understanding as this position has a very long learning curve. 

I may be retiring but I will be there to assist and guide our operation in the office. I have invested a great deal of sweat equity getting our office to run in the efficient manner that we have now. I want to assist with a smooth transi-tion for our new Administrative Assistant/Office Manager. 

Once again, I want to thank all members of the congregation for the support and help you have given me. I look back on my years of service with fond memories and I take great pride in the work we have done for our church, all for the glory of God. I love you all and cherish our relationship! 

Brenda Lofquist