Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry

June 2017

. . . . in Rummage Sale

Thank you to each and every person that contributed to and assisted in the success of our annual rummage and bake sale. We received $2,445.71 in rummage sales and $391.25 in bake sales. The youth programs within our church receive the proceeds from the bake sale. The proceeds from the rummage sale go to missions within our own commu-nity. And now we look forward to May, 2018!

Judy Running & Volunteers

. . . . in Women of Immanuel

Thank you to all who helped clean the church. Smell the fresh aroma from Murphy’s Oil Soap, Lysol and lots of ELBOW GREASE!!

Thank you also to all who helped clean the kitchen. Many hands are al-ways needed to complete this task!

We are asking all who use the kitchen to put things where they belong. If you are not sure – PLEASE ASK!

Also, for health and sanitary purposes, all items should be thoroughly cleaned before putting away and stored in their proper place. Those who spend a great deal of time in the kitchen cooking and serving should be able to find the equipment that they need, and it should be properly cleaned as it makes for unnecessary work when it is found dirty. We all need to work together to keep our kitchen clean.

If you need any assistance with where things are stored or how to clean our equipment, please let us know.

Pat Neros & Kay Partello

Women’s Donations 2016!

Click below for a list of donations from the 2016 rummage sale funds and 2016 bazaar funds. A total of $14,000 was allocated. Funds were allocated 30% to Global Missions and 70% to Local Missions, $4,200.00 and $9,800 respectively.

Women’s Donations 2016

Let’s Talk Coffee!

For several years Immanuel has supported the Lutheran World Relief Coffee Project which is a partnership between LWR and Equal Exchange  (Which seeks greater equity in international trade). Farmers in several countries support themselves and help their communities by selling coffee they grow on small plots of land. The coffee is organic (no chemicals) and no rain forests are destroyed. Immanuel supports this mission by using the coffee for all events and for fellowship time on Sundays. It is equally available for your purchase, too.

This great coffee comes in either whole bean or grind, regular or decaf, and in 3 different roasts; in 12 and 16 oz sizes. An explanation of the roasts is available in the coffee cabinet. Price comparisons show that the coffee competes well with other organize and specialty coffees available in the area.

Using this Fair Trade coffee provides continued support to LWR in their efforts to help people become self-sustaining and financial contributors in their own communities. You are encouraged to support these small farmers by trying our the coffees and discovering your favorites.

See you around the coffee cabinet@