In Monthly Council Minutes . . .

Immanuel Lutheran Church
November Council Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, December 12th, 2017 6:30pm

Call to Order 

A. Acceptance of Agenda: Nancy Evans added #3 to new business: Days for Girls appeal for funding. Chris Rudek moved to accept the amended agenda. Lydia Kraemer seconded. Motion passed by unanimous vote.

B. Reading of Mission Statement: 

Immanuel Lutheran Church is a community who welcome all people to GATHER in worship, to GROW in God’s Word and grace, and to GO forward in faith to serve others in Jesus’ name. We gather in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

C. Celebrating the Joys of Immanuel: A mission trip to Africa to renew contacts and celebrate Christ’s birth. Barb Moe’s organization and drive in leading the Days for Girls effort was acknowledged. The combined performance of the bells with singers was excellent. A shout-out to all the behind-the-scenes volunteers who do so much for our church without much recognition.

D. Devotions/Homework: The Perfectly Imperfect Church, “Path 6: Safe” by Steve Sjogren.

This month: Chris Rudek Next Month: Dan Wisniak

F. Prayers 

Gracious God, open our eyes to see the things that you are already doing in our midst. Surround us with your living presence and fill us with your Holy Spirit and help us to bless those things that you are doing among us in Jesus’ name. Tonight we pray for… We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen. 

II. Council Business 

Review & Acceptance of Financial Reports from November: A motion to accept the financial report with the con-tingency that the financial secretary attend the next council meeting to more fully explain his introductory note to us. Motion made by Lydia Kraemer and seconded by Dan Wisniak. Motion passed by unanimous vote.

Discussion/Questions on the Minutes from November: Approved via email.

C. Old Business 

1. Landscaping Action Plan: A detailed list of tasks (see addendum) will be bid out next spring. The ground around the new sidewalk needs to be filled in as soon as possible. Suggestion was made to buy a couple of bags of sand as a temporary fill now that the ground has frozen.

2. Christmas Eve Council Action Plan: Community outreach. Nancy (9:00 a.m.) and James (10:30 a.m.) will announce during service our plan to provide baked goods to on-duty staff at hospital, care center, and police de-partment on Christmas Day and to go caroling on Christmas Eve after the 4 p.m. service. Nancy will coordinate the baked goods, and James and Pastor Paul will coordinate the singing.

3. Children’s Ministry Coordinator update: Katie has resigned effective Dec. 17. The personnel committee will begin looking for a new coordinator when they meet again in January.

D. New Business 

1. Budget process for 2018: Tabled until Gene Lofquist can meet with us.

2. Nominations for Council: James Freese will notify the nominating committee members Susan Bushard, Bob Sandin, and Joe Simons that there are two openings on the council. Lydia Kraemer and James Freese have ful-filled their commitments and are leaving the council. Nancy Evans, who is eligible for a 3-year term, is remain-ing.

. . . . in Council Minutes cont.’

3. Funding for Days for Girls: Tabled until the Malawi mission team returns to let us know how well the kits were received, how many more kits are needed, and how many other churches are participating, and then we can discuss with the financial secretary what the funding options are as it relates to our other Malawi accounts.

E. Communion Assistants for February: 

Copy assignments and place in Ministry Coordinator Office Mailbox

9:00 a.m. 10:30 a.m. 

February 4th ____ Chris _____ ______Dan ______

February 11th ____Rick ______ ______James_______

February 18th ____Nancy_____ ______Brian_______

February 25th ____Lydia______ ______Robin_______

F. The Lord’s Prayer 

G. Adjournment 

Next meeting set for January 9th, 2018 at 6:30 pm 

Addendum to 12.12.2017 Council Minutes 

Old Business, item #1 

Landscaping needs around the church grounds: 

Heavily prune all shrubs and arborvitae trees around church and garage perimeter.

 Replace shrub under the bell or cut it down close to the ground to see if it renews itself next spring.

 Remove scrubby arborvitae in far corner of property nearest Catholic church.

Remove baby poplar tree (leaning and has loose plastic hanging from it) unless that is one of the memorial trees.

Remove scrubby perennials from rocks around building foundation (church and garage). Replace with better suited perennials or small flowering shrubs.

Spray weeds and grass that are growing in the rocks. (including within the fence by AC unit)

Under the front entry sign, pull the sumac that has sprouted up. Thin the lilies.

Cross-shaped and rock flower beds near high school

 These really need more dirt, and that would mean lifting all the plants before adding it – probably a spring job.

 Check that the walls of these beds are intact.

 Add additional perennial plants to fill in these planters. Look for plants that thrive in part shade.

 Consider adding annuals each spring for more color.

Keep them weeded.

Rain gardens. Our contact from Crow Wing County advised…

 Each fall, weed-whip to the ground everything growing in them (except woody plants) and remove all that vegeta-tion.

Next spring, watch for any invasives growing in and remove them. We can call the county agent at that time to ad-vise on this.


 Add edging completely around perimeters of both buildings. Some landscape rock would need to be added where there is none now – around two sides of the garage & deck.

 Add edging around the lawn side of the larger rain garden and around any structure within the lawn that has land-scape rock, i.e. the sign by the front entry.

 A poured cement edging, flush to the ground, is more costly but would look the neatest and would be easiest to mow around.

 Optionally, plastic edging needs to be “contractor grade” and be installed by someone who understands how to keep it stabilized. It can’t be a rushed job.

Final note: We need to develop a plan for maintaining the grounds each year. Weeds will always find their way back into the rock and flower beds. Shrubs will need annual pruning. Flowers will need occasional fertilizing and dead-heading. The rain gardens will need annual cleaning and inspection. If we do not have enough volunteers to maintain our grounds, then a landscape service or general “handyman” should be employed.


Rick Kleinshmidt


Brian Oren 4-3-16 - 2

Brian Oren


Council 12-14-14 - 3

James Freese, President

Dan Wisniak 4-3-16 - 5

Dan Wisniak

Council 11-11-14 - 18

Lydia Kraemer, Vice President

Council 11-11-14 - 07

Pastor Paul Mattson

Council 11-11-14 - 02

Bob Neros

Robyn Maki

Nancy Evans

Chris Rudek 2-1-15 - 1

Chris Rudek, Secretary