In Monthly Council Minutes . . .

Immanuel Lutheran Church
October Council Meeting
Tuesday, October 10, 2017, 6:30pm

Call to Order 

A. Acceptance of Agenda Chris moved to accept the agenda. Bob seconded. Motion passed by unanimous vote.

B. Reading of Mission Statement: 

Immanuel Lutheran Church is a community of Christians who welcome all people to GATHER in worship, to GROW in God’s Word and grace, and to GO forward in faith to serve others in Jesus’ name. We gather in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

C. Celebrating the Joys of Immanuel: Martin Luther 500 years, the blood and body is “comfort” food, moving forward with the Children’s Ministry Coordinator position, those who are performing the duties of the Children’s Ministry Coordinator are doing a great job, the upcoming Bazaar, the new sidewalk.

D. Devotions/Homework: The Perfectly Imperfect Church – Path 5 for November

This Month: Bob Neros Next Month: Brian Oren

F. Prayers 

Gracious God, open our eyes to see the things that you are already doing in our midst. Surround us with your living presence and fill us with your Holy Spirit and help us to bless those things that you are doing among us in Jesus’ name. Tonight we pray for… We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen. 

II. Council Business 

A. Review & Acceptance of Financial Reports from September Motion made by Lydia and seconded by Robyn for acceptance of the financial reports. Motion passed by unanimous vote.

B. Discussion/Questions on the Minutes from September Approved via email.

C. Old Business 

1. Landscaping at the church: tabled until Nancy is present for update

2. Gratuity to Faith Lutheran Church, Hutchinson for the small group resources: Motion by Bob for $300 to be sent to FLC. Seconded by Chris. Motion passed by unanimous vote.

D. New Business 

1. Children’s Ministry Coordinator: the Personnel Committee interviewed a person for the position and the references were good. They recommend that we offer the position to Katie Kovatovich at 25 hours per week at the recommended pay. There will be a 90 day probationary period. Lydia made a motion to approve the recommendation. Brian seconded. Motion passed by unanimous vote.

2. Council-All hands on deck for communion serving on October 29 at Mayberry Auditorium.

E. Communion Assistants for December:

1. Copy assignments and place in Ministry Coordinator Office Mailbox

9:00am 10:30am 

December 3 Nancy Chris
December 10 Rick Brian
December 17 Lydia Robyn
December 24 2:00pm Bob 4:00pm James 8:00pm Pastor Paul will recruit
December 31 One Service Dan

F. The Lord’s Prayer 

G. Adjournment 

Next meeting set for November 14, 2017 at 6:30 pm 


Rick Kleinshmidt


Brian Oren 4-3-16 - 2

Brian Oren


Council 12-14-14 - 3

James Freese, President

Dan Wisniak 4-3-16 - 5

Dan Wisniak

Council 11-11-14 - 18

Lydia Kraemer, Vice President

Council 11-11-14 - 07

Pastor Paul Mattson

Council 11-11-14 - 02

Bob Neros

Robyn Maki

Nancy Evans

Chris Rudek 2-1-15 - 1

Chris Rudek, Secretary